Do The Electoral Commission of Ghana Lack Data Management Skills

Feature Article Do The Electoral Commission of Ghana Lack Data Management Skills
FEB 3, 2020 LISTEN

In this era of technological advancement data management skills have become a basic tool that institutions in achieving their missions and goals.

Ghana Electoral Commission over the years has not been able to have a comprehensive policy on how to manage the voter register; this has resulted in unnecessary expenditures and a waste of money in compiling a new voter register. This will also result in wasting productive time in joining queues to register again by Ghanaian voters, therefore reducing production hours. Not forgetting about unnecessary tensions by some Ghanaians and political party leaders.

As much as I agree with those who said we need a credible register, how long can we continue to debate on this issue without clear goals of solving the problem of a voter register?

Ghanaians keep asking and talking about EC register, is the EC just interested in spending money on voter register because they have been a systematic failure in their mandate to have accurate data, therefore over the years the EC do not even trust their own voters register data that they have used over the years.

Why is the EC silent about those who are not doing their job well, why are they not prosecuting or punished their staff that they believe have tempted with the voters register? Why ist that if they are transferring data from one source to another source there is going to data lost!!!! Hmmm so if it was bank people have to lose their money because you are changing the hardware of software!!!

My proposed solution
I suggest EC should pass a law starting from 2020; any child born from now should be registered into the EC data system. Therefore by 2028, all those children born in 2020 will have automatically qualified to vote and their name will have been transferred to the voter register automatically, no need to join a queue and vote again.

The National Identification Authority should be a source that the voters the register can mine its data from

The EC should collaborate with the birth and death registry to get the data of people who are dead yearly and EC should remove their names from the register.

Until we work together as Ghanaians and institutions work to solve basic problems, we can't just sit at the EC offices for 4 years without doing anything just to turn round in the election year that we need to have a voters register.

The NPP government has put in much effort to get data of all Ghanaians and let me say that the vice president of Ghana Dr. Bawumia has been championing this campaign.

We need to work hard now for our institutions so that our grandchildren can work extra hard.