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24.01.2020 Editorial

On Our Marks… As ECGets Set

By Daily Guide
On Our Marks… As ECGets Set
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We cannot but congratulate the Electoral Commission (EC) on getting set for the commencement of the journey towards a credible electoral roll. They have announced the date for the takeoff of the process and that is sufficient indication that surely the current discredited roll has started its journey to the annals of election management in the country.

For those who wondered whether the Commission could withstand the deliberate heat being generated by the noisy NDC and their agents in various guises, they should be clear in their minds now that the management of our elections is in clean and strong hands.

The resolve of the Commission as they get set to perform the task bestowed upon them by the Constitution is palpable; by the time they are done with the process, we as Ghanaians and observers outside our frontiers but with interest in the political occurrences in the country would be primed to do objective comparative analysis of their performance and those before them.

Above all, we shall be able to determine the level of contamination of the electoral roll festooned around our necks over the years.

For those who stood in the way of a new roll, the time has come for them to sheath their swords because fighting against an unstoppable tide is a show of foolishness.

To be at the helm of elections in a country which has mischievous players such as we are saddled with is not about taking a walk across the park; a chairperson with the heart of steel with able lieutenants supporting him or her are factors for successful execution of the mandate.

The unproductive machinations of spanner throwing into the works of the Commission were intended to break down the Chairperson and her lieutenants. They have failed; the Commission has triumphed because of the clear conscience of the Chairperson and her officers.

Those who are endowed with a clean conscience bereft of a hidden agenda and above all guided by the fear of God will be supported by the finger of God even as they walk through the shadow of agents of Lucifer.

It is not for nothing that God has taken this country to where it is today. Considering the efforts readied to alter the outcome of the last polls and what eventually happened is ample suggestion of the presence of the finger of the Omnipotent and Omniscience in our national experience as it is in our individual lives.

It came to pass that the immediate past leadership of the EC ‒ having been contaminated with corporate and moral iniquities within their short-lived yet chequered tenure ‒ were administered with the appropriate sanctions of dissolution as constitutionally prescribed. God, it is said, 'moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform'. His ways not ours are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals like you and us.

Efforts to change the voters' register when Charlotte was in charge failed in spite of powerful premises adduced. Her resistance and support from officialdom even when clearly the Commission should not be controlled by hidden hands was overwhelming.

Now is the God-ordained time for us to have a new voters' roll and so all should put our hands to the wheel so the process shall be smooth and inuring to the good of our democracy.

The NDC having lost the 'war' against the compilation of a new roll would try throwing another spanner into the wheels in their death throes but that should be another display of desperation; it would go nowhere safe garnering more bad press for them.

May God be with the EC and all of us as we await the commencement of the process of replacing the electoral register.