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12.11.2019 Europe

Paris court sentences Pete Doherty for drunken fight after second arrest in a week

Reuters/Eric Gaillard
NOV 12, 2019 EUROPE

A French court handed British singer Pete Doherty a three-month suspended jail sentence and 5,000-euro fine on Tuesday, after he was detained for fighting while celebrating his release from an earlier arrest last week.

Doherty pleaded guilty to charges of affray in a Paris court on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old frontman of the rock group the Libertines, which is gearing up for a European tour, was also given a two-year probation period.

“It is a lenient decision,” lawyer Arash Derambarsh told Reuters agency. “Mr. Doherty will be able to keep singing. It is what we asked.”

It was Doherty's second arrest in a week after he was detained in the Pigalle district of Paris last Thursday for buying cocaine.

After his release, he went out to celebrate, taking alcohol, sleeping pills and Valium, according to his lawyer.

Doherty got into an argument with two passers-by that led to a second arrest on Sunday. Prosecutors did not confirm media reports that the altercation involved Doherty punching at a teenager in the upmarket Saint-Germain area.

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