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11.11.2019 Feature Article

What A Joke!—The Prosecution Of Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

What A Joke!—The Prosecution Of Samuel Ofosu Ampofo
LISTEN NOV 11, 2019

Should I continue to worry about, and to cry for, mother Ghana, tears will still be streaming down my cheeks even in death. I can only see Ghana as abounding in jokers. We are not serious at all as a nation and a people.

Our judicial system has exacerbated the predicament of Ghanaians, thus, made worse our disastrous fondness for indulgence in various malpractices. Instead of the justice system discouraging us from committing evils, it all appears to rather encourage the Ghanaian who is rich, powerful, and simply a diehard criminal with the wherewithal to pay their way out, to continue to commit crimes with impunity.

I don't get it. Why is it that the Attorney General who I personally see as markedly incompetent, if not a total misfit in her post, and our courts, have not been able to successfully prosecute Samuel Ofosu Ampofo? He is the Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the current largest opposition political party in Ghana as well as being an Elder in the Ghana Pentecostal Church.

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo had been caught red-handed, evidenced by a recorded audio, lecturing some NDC party communicators in a secret meeting held in March 2019 in a secluded area in Accra, how best they could make the nation insecure. He had devised political strategies which although are evil, fatal and conspicuously criminal, to help better the chances of NDC coming back to power in 2020 by winning the general elections.

He had tasked his sycophantic hearers in the meeting to resort to kidnappings, arson, insults etc. to make the Ghanaian citizenry feel insecure so as to culminate in Ghanaians blaming the NPP government for being weak, incompetent and nonchalant hence are not credible to be in power. As God is not like the proverbial wicked Nigerian, He found a faultless way to expose not only Samuel Ofosu Ampofo but the entire NDC as a party overflowing with deadly wickedness.

Yes, kidnappings, arson, armed robberies and hurling of insults at some Ghanaian dignitaries same as it had been hatched by the probably murderer Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, have been going on in Ghana. Is it not jovially said among some Ghanaian youths that, "He who stole my kenkey is the same person that stole my fried fish?" This is simply to emphasise that Samuel Ofosu Ampofo could be held culpable for such ongoing crimes in the nation.

He has been arraigned and bailed. For how long are the Attorney General and our disgraceful judicial system known for being overly corrupt, going to seriously prosecute him? He is not only a shame to the womb that conceived and gave birth to him but to the Pentecost Church that still dote on him and allow him to preach at church service.

If he were in the United Kingdom, France, Germany or USA, he would long ago be languishing in jail. In these mentioned countries, especially in the UK and USA, if you play the hoax of having a bomb on you that you will detonating in a few minutes when you are on say, the bus, plane or train, you will straightaway be arrested if they could, or be shot dead if an arm police officers happen to be around. This is how serious they take the security of the nation and safety of their people to heart.

However, here we are in Ghana with a highly placed political individual doubling as a preacher who for his self-serving interests and that of the political party he belongs to, asking his core party communicators to go out and kill to make the country ungovernable for the current president and his government yet, the law has become a total toothless bull before him. What nonsense is this?

Why do Ghana judges and prosecutors or political leaders feel so weak when they are confronted with people deemed highly placed in the Ghanaian society, thus, rich people, highly educated people, powerful tradition leaders, politicians, and daring criminals with money to pay bribes? Why, why, and why!

Corruption, insecurity, intentional criminal sabotage and sheer laziness are some of the very things that hinder the prosperity of a nation. The situation becomes worse when the nation's prosecutors and judges become corrupt or weak as to not knowing what to do with bastards like Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who for the sake of his political party coming back to power has to go the extra mile, be it killing of innocent people or setting public places ablaze.

Why are our courts resorting to their usual nonsensical postponements of his trial to finally not get him prosecuted? Are the judges not aware that they are direct contributors to the downward spiral of the Ghanaian and Ghana by their oftentimes unethical behaviour to delivery of justice?

If our judges were to be upright in the delivery of justice, being speedy without unnecessary delays, basing their pronouncements of verdict on the available permissible, credible and acceptable evidence without selling justice to the highest bidder, Ghana would advance to the admiration of all.

I challenge the judges and the prosecutors to prove my views about them wrong. They can only do this by prosecuting people like Samuel Ofosu Ampofo without delay.

Ofosu Ampofo, would you mind burying your head in your palms in shame, a Pentecost Church elder and someone desiring to come back to rule Ghana but a murderer in disguise?

No matter how much foreign money we borrow to develop Ghana, with such mentality as is in a depiction by Ofosu Ampofo and our judges, the country will never get developed. The citizenry will only end up being beset with debts to finally result in Ghana being repossessed by some superior beings.

A word to the wise is enough.
Rockson Adofo
Monday, 11 November 2019

Rockson Adofo
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