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15.10.2019 Religion

Fraternising With Sinners: A Danger With Eternal Consequences

By Joseph Costa
Fraternising With Sinners: A Danger With Eternal Consequences
LISTEN OCT 15, 2019

"A good person who comes in touch with wicked people provokes a surge of greater wickedness in them." Said Jesus.

Only wicked people give or take bribes, payola, or other payoffs. The Lord God has commanded us:

"And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the officials, and subverts the cause of those who are in the right." (Exodus 23.8)

And saint Paul tells us, that:
"... wrong-doers [= wicked people] will not inherit the kingdom of God." [I Corinthians 6.9]

This means that they default to inheriting Satan's kingdom, as only two abodes will remain eternally after the Last Judgement: the kingdom of God, Heaven; and the kingdom of Satan, Hell. God has given every man the free will to choose whichever of the two kingdoms he wants to go to, after the end of his earthly life. God has never created anyone a slave.

Every man undergoes three judgements.
The first judgement is make by a man himself, by the way he freely chooses to live on earth. The second judgement is made by Jesus Christ immediately upon a man's earthly death, which occurs when the soul separates itself from the body. And the third judgement occurs at the Last Judgement, at the resurrection of the dead human bodies, when the soul of a man re-unites itself with its original body: to become either beautiful and glorious, or ugly and damned. The former for Heaven, and the latter for Hell. After the Last Judgement, the angels will rivet-shut Hell, to remain riveted shut for all endless eternity.

Of course, we all know that old axiom: 'it takes only one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel' - so much for the new false religion of... 'inclusiveness!' It's a very clever snare conceived in Hell by Satan, in order to trip more people into sin and Hell.

At one of the schools I once attended - where the average class size was about 40-50 pupils - we had a severe but just headmaster, who brooked no nonsense. Being a naughty boy resulted in immediate punishment... if caught. Not too many boys thereby stepped out of line, including this writer. One learned very quickly, that the option of being a good boy, without pain, was a lot better, felt a lot better, than being a naughty boy, miserable, with pain. But that headmaster is well and kindly remembered by me as a result of a particular saying of his, almost an axiom.

At a school assembly, he once said to us:
"I don't want you to tell me who you are. Just tell me who your friends are, and then I will tell you who you are."

Saint Paul, of course, has long said something similar:

"... bad company, they say, can corrupt noble minds." (I Corinthians 15.34)

Then there's the example of primogenitor Eve, who thought that she was so strong that she could be in situations conducive to sinning, and not come to sin. She was wrong. Hers was a sin of pride because she did in fact sin, and additionally succeeded in tempting and convincing her companion, Adam, to sin along with her. She succumbed to the alluring temptations of the Serpent: Satan. We should always flee fast from situations that exposes or temps us to sin. For example: It's never a good idea for a guy, to satisfy his curiosity, to go into a room full of naked prostitutes to see what prostitutes do for a living.

There's also the sad example of king Solomon of then Israel who, contrary to the express command of God not to enter into marriage with women who worshipped false gods, did so; and, in due course, succumbed to worshipping his wives' false gods and thence turning away from the true only God. God punished both Solomon and Israel. (I Kings 11) Israel, then at the height of its temporal and financial power, was dismembered after Solomon's death, when his son Rehoboam took over. So much for 'inclusiveness.'

Obviously, people around us can and do shape or distort how we think and act, and this has long been recognised and articulated in the Holy Bible: the Word of God. Avoiding bad company does indeed matter, no matter whoever the bad person may be. Abraham even expelled his own first-born son: Ishmael, from his company. (Genesis 21.12-13)

The solution to avoiding being infected by sinful or savage people, is to avoid them altogether, if at all ever possible, as discussed by Jesus below. One of the new pseudo 'religions' of our times - "inclusiveness" - is, as I have said above, a very clever snare dreamed up in Hell by Satan, the proverbial snake in the grass, in order to trip us all into sin and Hell. Some of Satan's dreams have been taken up, implemented, by many foolish people on earth, by many ignorant uneducated fools - radicals, rebels, anarchists - and made them, Satan's dreams, their very own dreams, e.g. climate change.

Climate change in Hell, did not rob Satan's dream of dragging everyone into Hell.

Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:"

Jesus Christ elaborates further, thus:
"Separate yourselves from those who are idolaters of Satan, the world, and the flesh. Without disdain, separate yourselves from them. Disdain is of no benefit. It ruins without benefiting. But separate yourselves from them so as not to be infected by them. Love them with the love of redeemers, placing your faith in Christ as a bastion between them and yourselves. You are not strong enough to be able to live in their midst without danger. Too many centuries of increasingly spiritual decay have weakened you. Imitate the early Christians. Be able to live in the world, but isolated from the world by virtue of your love for God.

"And never submit to regarding as a superman [e.g. the licentious] the wretched man who does not differ from the beasts because his best part - the only thing that does not make him worse than a beast - is entirely in instinct.

"The [real Jewish] Prophet says, 'Leave aside, then, the man whose spirit is in his nostrils.' [Isaiah 2.22] I want you to interpret the sentence in this sense. [i.e. in the following sense:] The animal deprived of breath is nothing but unclean remains [= carcass]. Once its nostrils are closed to this breath, it ceases to exist and becomes a carcass.

"There are many men who are not superior to it [i.e. to the animal], having no other life except animal life which lasts as long as breath lasts in them. The spirit is dead [i.e. damned, in mortal sin, set to inhabit Hell], the spirit made for the Heavens. It is thus right to say that there are men whose spirit is the breath of their nostrils and from whom it is best to remain at a distance spiritually so that the breath of Satan and of the bestiality emerging from them will not eat into your humanity and make it like theirs.

"Pray for them, O you blessed ones. That is charity. And that's enough. [Jesus once asked His Apostles to pray for Judas Iscariot.] Words do not enter into those closed to the Word [Jesus]. And do not think that the one fuming and breathing out his overbearance and his pride from his nostrils like a raging beast is sublime [grand, awe-inspiring]. Only those whose spirits are alive and are thus children of God are sublime. The others are poor things whose fictitious elevation [e.g. as some political leaders or authorities] is destined for a great collapse [for Hell] and whose memory does not survive except as the memory of scandal and horror." [e.g. mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, terrorists, and others.]

Jesus also says to us:
"To have severe words where one would like to have only love is a painful thing. But I said, 'It is love not to allow deviations to occur in justice.' (Romans 11.22)

"Listen, then. When humanity turns you into castaways - external humanity, meaning that of your neighbour, or internal humanity, meaning your own - to come back to the surface, to the shore, to salvation, there is no alternative but to get out of the treacherous, raging sea, in the grasp of contrary winds. How? By isolating oneself. Isolation provides a way to understand God and discern good and evil; in isolation, one can separate what is good from what is not good - in short, it means working, and working on oneself. Dissipation is never good. It is always disorder. Disorder never has God with it. [God, Jesus is Order, who gave us ordered Creation.]

"How can you isolate yourself? The way the sailor does in times of heavy storms - that is, in a peaceful bay. Is it off the course you charted? It does not matter. Anyhow, it has not been established that the course you charted was good. You said it was. And you followed it, not looking at the compass, but your own inclination, in such a fashion that you left port in bad condition from the very start and were set back on course by more than one pilot. And you are going farther and farther off course, wanting to follow your crazy needle. Separate yourself from the world and from the voices of the world to listen to God.

"What value have you attached to the advice of those speaking in My Name? Don't you know that God is on the lips of His servants? And what value did you give to what was handed to you in My Name? One, two, three, a thousand advisers. Babel. One, two, three acts of disobedience. Rebellion. It is useless to call for help if afterwards one does not listen to the voice! Go back, then, to the first advice. Reflect and provide a remedy, if you can. But you cannot any longer. Because it is too late. And you are ruining yourself. You go wandering about looking for comfort. But if they are not of the sort your will desires, you leave them aside. And so? Why do you disobey Me?"

Saint John, who was one of the Twelve Apostles and who was with Jesus Christ for most of His three-years' evangelisation, says to us, that:

"If you are visited by one who does not bring this teaching [Christ's teaching, Christianity] with him, you must not receive him in your houses, or bid him welcome; to bid him welcome is to share the guilt of his doings." (II John 1.10-11)

In the Holy Bible, Jesus says to us:
"It is those I love that I correct and chasten; kindle thy generosity, and repent. See where I stand at the door, knocking; if anyone listens to My Voice and opens the door, I will come in to visit him, and take My supper with him, and he shall sup with Me. Who wins the victory? I will let him share My throne with Me." (Apocalypse 3.19-22)

Jesus wants to reside in us, to be His temple, but only if we are not in sin: 'where Satan is present, Jesus is absent.'

Jesus says to is:
"The Decalogue [= immutable Ten Commandments] is the Law; and My Gospel [not philosophy] is the Doctrine that makes the Law clearer for you and more loving to follow. The Law and My Doctrine would be sufficient to make saints of men."

This counsel of Jesus is usually taken up only by few men and few clerics. Many men and many clerics instead follow philosophy, thereby falling into the trap of thinking, believing, that the 'grass is greener on the other side of the fence.'

The Gospel is living Wisdom, delicious juicy meat, a feast for men that enriches their soul, intellect, and well-being, that sates and satisfies; whereas philosophy is dull imperfect abstractness, lifeless dry bones, a tasteless feast that leaves men unsated and unsatisfied, that leaves their soul poor and their intellect bewildered without bearing, thereby becoming even more famished and empty.

Sadly, many foolish men, including some clergy, prefer the option of having a 'temporary pleasure on earth, to be paid for with an eternity of pains and sufferings in Hell.'

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John says to us:
"Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls." [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.
The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.

With kind regards.
Joseph Costa
With Jesus, God, with us, who can be our enemy?
In the Holy Bible, we read:
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1.9)

Jesus gives us some Words of comfort, in relation to poisonous doctrines [and other fake-news], saying to us:

"I will comment upon another side of the Gospel sentence 'You [the disciples of Jesus] will step on snakes and scorpions and not be harmed.' [Luke 10.19]

"Whoever is full of Me can step on all human doctrines and live among those full of their poison without being harmed. It should also be understood in this way. For, if My blessed ones [= early Christians] were once really immune from the bites of wild animals as long as I so willed, from poisons and other dangers, My blessed ones now [today's Christians], who live in the corrupt atmosphere of an idolatrous and demoniac society, are preserved from all evil by My will. They are in Me, and I in them. There is no room for anything else. And no poison attacks where My love, our love - of Jesus and of Jesus' beloved one - neutralises all poison."

One human doctrine that's arisen lately, that's squirting 'poison' everywhere it goes, that's gaining increasing adherents - radicals, rebels, anarchists - these days, is the new pseudo religion that's called, 'climate change,' whose doctrine is quintessential 'fake-news:' unmitigated lies, and more lies, lies, lies!!

True science does NOT support so-called climate change as espoused by these radicals, rebels, anarchists, whose tactic is to obtain gain media attention principally by disrupting other people's lives. Climate change is essentially just an opinion - delivered Goebbels style - of its proponents, as evolution's an opinion.

And here I am again reminded of Goebbels' tactics, a past master of falsehood, who was the Nazis' notorious Minister of Propaganda and an arch-liar who, in 1933 said, that:

'... the bigger the lie and the more often it was repeated, the more people would believe it, even if no evidence could be produced. Make the lie big, keep telling it, and it will eventually have the desired effect of brainwashing its victims.'

Goebbels' falsehood and corrupt methods, as exemplified by his words above, were kind of hypnotic. Sadly, they work, especially in politics, due principally to the fact that many people are ignorant, even if formally educated.

All this seems to be part of today's societies' being in "diabolical disorientation," that was once predicted by sister Lucia of Fatima.

Rebellion is disorder, and God's not there, because He is Order. Only Satan is there, because he is Disorder. Satan, as Lucifer, was the first rebel: Disorder, Disobedience, Rebellion. And look what rebellion and disobedience and disorder earned him: eternal punishment in Hell. Satan once confessed, himself saying that:

<<... the tears of my torment are so numerous, they have filled Hell with liquid fire.>>

Many innocent children are now being relentlessly brainwashed, indoctrinated by adults with those lies, into rebellion, especially by some national broadcasters around the world, doing so covertly of course, snakily. They should be sold off or shut down. Whenever those corrupt broadcasters want to push a particular opinion, they simply select someone, whom they already know shares that opinion, interview him, and then propagate that opinion using the ruse of it being... 'an independent's opinion.' Of being a fake-news independent opinion, to be more precise.

Those brainwashed and indoctrinated children are obviously parroting what their parents or other adults are carefully scripting them to parrot and propagate: to become puppets, robots. It's all scandalous, unmitigated child abuse, that's taking away the children's right to enjoy being children, that's stealing their dreams of being children. Some are even allowed to skip school, to skip learning, with fanfare, as heroes.

Parents, though, are required to teach their children the Ten Commandments: the true Law, not fake-news or other lies. One day, in the other life, their own children will testify against them. So one day, there will indeed be true Justice.

Jesus, in the Gospel according to saint Matthew, says to us:

"And if anyone hurts the conscience of one of these little ones [children], that believe in Me, he had better have been drowned in the depths of the sea, with a millstone hung about his neck. Woe to the world, for the hurt done to consciences." (Matthew 18.5-7)

"Woe" might mean that the culprits go to Hell.
Innocent children, used as proxies, used as human shields to thwart or deflect criticisms, have been used to parrot their parents' and others' propaganda and opinions - with affected emotion, with shrill, with words they don't fully understand. Maybe afterwards, they all get into their respective carbon emitting petrol guzzling cars, go back home, charge up their mobile phones with electricity sourced from carbon emitting generators, and then turn on the air conditioning as well as their TV, or computer and printer. It's all hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, many times over.

A hypocrite is someone who says something, but does the opposite of what he is saying. The ancient scribes and pharisees were consummate masters of falsehood, and of hypocrisy.

Being a hypocrite is not a virtue, though some hypocrites may well disagree. Some people simply do not want to know the truths.

Many of these hypocrites live either in luxury or in well-off circumstances. So they can well afford high-priced electricity generated from highly expensive so-called 'renewables.' But many poor or less well-off people across Africa and Asia, cannot. Climate change alarmists - radicals, rebels, anarchists, rich and powerful - living in luxurious splendour and disdaining elementary economics, implicitly want to keep it that way: a form of greed, avarice.

One fossil fuel in particular - coal - that can easily provide very cheap reliable electricity for the masses, has been relentlessly demonised for its alleged carbon emissions; whereas the other carbon emitting fossil fuel, much more widely used - petroleum - that's used in motor vehicles, has not been demonised, and nor has natural gas. Banning coal and petroleum and natural gas would take today's modern societies back to the stone age, with the famine-deaths of untold millions of people. It's been primarily due to the use of fossil fuels and technology that has kept Malthusian's theory at bay, so far.

There are millions and millions of poor, or less well-off, people around the world yearning for affordable reliable electricity generated from fossil fuels, and thereby get a better living, rather than making it impossible for them by raising the price of electricity via 'renewables.' And all this is uncharitable and unChristian.

He 'who is without charity is a brute and a demon,' Jesus has said.

Fossil fuels were created by God for man to use and enjoy, and not for man to disdain and leave buried in the ground, cursed, unutilised. Everything that God has created is good, not bad.

For example: Circa 33 A.D., at the sea of Tiberias, Jesus appeared again to His remaining 11 apostles, they came ashore "... and found a charcoal fire made there, with fish and bread cooking on it." [John 21.9]

Climate change is part of nature, a natural continuing phenomenon: Creation, Order.

Most crops and other plants do not grow or bloom except in a warm or hot climate.

During the day, those crops and other plant life, breathe in carbon dioxide (CO2), and breathe out oxygen (O).

This is elementary science that children used to learn at school. Many children, perhaps, instead are now being taught how to butcher the use of pronouns which, in traditional English grammar, 'should agree with their antecedent nouns or pronouns in person, number, and gender, but not necessarily in case.' Some illiterate or feminised dopes use 'they' for anything and anyone antecedent. And most times, it's hard to figure out who the 'they' are, or is, or whatever else, that those dopes refer to whenever they use 'they.' It's grammar rebellion. I've actually heard on radio one of these illiterate feminised dopes refer to our Lord Jesus as... 'they.' All this grammar rebellion creates imprecision and chaos in communications. Grammar is what allows people to understand one another, with precision.

The atmosphere around planet earth is self-cleansing, especially when it rains.

Generally, at any place on earth (except maybe in the north and south poles), the climate is cool in autumn, much colder in winter, warm in spring, and much warmer in summer. This is natural climate change: order through Creation.

On any day of the year, the climate is cool or very cold in the very early morning, and then it slowly warms up till about mid-afternoon, and then it starts to cool down again. This too is natural climate change: order through Creation.

Natural disasters are due to divine punishments as a result of sinners' relentless sinning, and not as a result of climate change.

In ancient times, in the time of Noah, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and the whole earth was completely flooded with water. This was divine punishment ordered climate change, in order to wipe out ALL sinful satanic humanity, except Noah and his family.

In the ancient time of Joseph - son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham - ancient Egypt, the Egypt of the pharaohs, experienced about 14 years of extreme climate change: 7 years of plentiful harvests and 7 years of famine. Here, the causes are unknown, though seemingly ordered by God for reasons unknown to us, at least not to me.

Again in ancient times, in the time of Jezebel and of king Ahab of Judah, real prophet "Elijah was a mortal man like ourselves, and when he prayed and prayed that it might not rain on the land, there was no rain for three years and six months; then he prayed anew, and rain fell from heaven, and so the land yielded a harvest." [James 5.17; I Kings 17.1] The reason here seems to be divine punishment because of the wickedness of king Ahab and his wife Jezebel.

In relatively recent times: Pursuant to the original text of the Message and Secret revealed by Most Holy Virgin Mary during Her apparition on the mountain of La Salette, France, on 19 September 1846:

[Our Lady of Salette, Virgin Mary, continuing her conversation with the children, Melanie and Maximin, now says, as recounted by holy Melanie:]

[Virgin Mary, addressing Melanie and Maximin lovingly as only She could, can:] "Do you say your prayers properly, my children?"

[Melanie and Maximin:] "We both replied: 'Oh! no, Madame, not so much'."

[Virgin Mary:] "Oh! my children, you must say them morning and evening. When you can do no more, say a Pater [= an 'Our Father'] and an Ave Maria [= a 'Hail Mary']; and when you have the time to do better, you will say more."

[Virgin Mary:] "Only a few old women go to Mass; in the summer, the rest work all day Sunday and in the winter, when they are at a loose end [i.e. with nothing else to do], they only go to Mass to make fun of religion. During Lent, they go to the butcher's like hungry dogs."

[Virgin Mary:] "Have you ever seen any spoilt wheat, my children?" [= a hint at divine punishment as its cause.]

[Melanie and Maximin:] "We both answered: 'Oh no, Madame.' The Holy Virgin turned to Maximin, saying:"

[Virgin Mary:] "But you [i.e. holy Maximin], my child, you must have seen some once near le Coin, with your father. The farmer said to your father: 'Come and see how my wheat's gone bad!' You went to see. Your father took two or three ears in his hand, rubbed them, and they fell to dust. Then, on your way back, when you were no more than half an hour away from Corps, your father gave you a piece of bread, and said: 'Take it, eat it while you can, my son, for I don't know who will be eating anything next year if the wheat is spoiled like that!' "

[Maximin:] "Maximin replied: 'It's quite true, Madame, I didn't remember'."

[Melanie:] "The Most Holy Virgin brought her speech to an end in French."

Virgin Mary, as our Lady of La Salette, was also very, very, very severe in censuring the then Catholic priests, and additionally said that Rome would lose the [Christian] Faith, something that has seemingly accelerated over the years, especially since Vatican II under the rule of pope Paul VI, whose conduct and personal living have been subject to scrutiny and resultant allegations. In summary, according to my research, to say the least if it's any guide: at his funeral Mass, pope Paul VI's body, though laid inside a closed coffin, emitted such a penetrating unbearable stench that some Swiss guards, who were standing guard near the coffin, collapsed on the ground, overcome by that penetrating unbearable stench. By the stench of Hell??

Holy Melanie was persecuted, because some clerics did not like Virgin Mary's Message that she, Melanie, was propagating.

A smart-alec Catholic bishop once tried to cast a malicious slur on the veracity of the above apparition by casting a personal slur on one of the two seers, holy Melanie, accusing her of suffering from a mental illness and so thereby slandering Virgin Mary's apparition and Message and Secret. Instead, that same bishop himself contracted that same mental illness and never recovered from it. Presumably, he's now in Hell, for Jesus has said:

"... who treats him [someone] as a madman, and consequently has harmed him, will be condemned by God."

Never ever offend or disparage Jesus' sweet Mother, Virgin Mary: Purity. It's never a good idea. And it's usually decadent, cesspools of filthy debauched devil-men overflowing with carnal-lust sins who do this, who can't withstand Her absolute Purity.

Some clerics and some others are notorious in falsely accusing people, whom they don't agree with, as suffering from a mental illness. Even Jesus, God, was falsely accused of being mad by the scribes and pharisees. Hell, though, is presently boundless, and so it can easily accommodate all false accusers, all comers, of all faiths, anyone and everyone with any mortal sins, without discrimination. Discrimination occurs inside Hell itself: the greater the sins committed on earth, the greater the eternal punishments inflicted in the flames of Hell. Every sin committed on earth has a corresponding eternal just punishment in Hell.

A person, though, has until his last breath to repent of his sins and seek forgiveness from Jesus, as He's Infinity Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassionate, Just.

Very briefly, circa 1846-50 occurred the great famine - divine punishment - in Europe, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people dying of starvation.

It's extremely hard to discuss sense with people with no sense spruiking nonsense, as the climate change alarmists do, radicalised, rebellious, that have now turned climate change, with corrupt words, not with reality or science, into an pseudo apocalypse, into an ideology, into a political manifesto, into a religion... just another false religion worshipping a false god, really.

And they're very adroit at hijacking the high moral ground, with their accusation, with their discussion stopper and condemnation, with their mantra... 'You're not doing enough.' I don't think there's anything on earth can ever be enough. There is, however, in economics, the concept of diminishing returns.

Maybe one day, the climate change radicals, rebels, anarchists, will all call themselves... the 'church of climate change.'

Already in 2018, in Sweden, a small pack of heretical fake Christians - false god worshippers to be more precise - proclaimed a 15-16 year old impressionable schoolgirl, a climate change radical, to be... "Jesus' successor." A goddess! I would like to admonish them all with these words: 'How dare you!!'

Saint John warns us: "Beware, little children, of false gods." (I John 5.21).

The true only God, the God of the Holy Bible, has long commanded us, saying to us, in His First Commandment:

"I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me."

These strange gods, and the true only God, are not inclusive!! Putative fraternity or kindness or pity or whatever else do not in any way ever countermand God's Commandments, even if one considers himself to be a mighty ant of the earth, such as some arrogant legislators obviously think they are, when they enact human laws contrary to the Divine Law: the Ten Commandments. Woe to those legislators responsible, to those culprits, that have acted as rivals to God, as Lucifer once did, but failed miserably. Only the God of the Bible is the true only God, and no one else.

For the true only God, the God of the Bible, "... Whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous God." [Exodus 34:14]

Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher:

Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy.
[email protected]

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