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21.08.2019 Editorial

The NAM1 Conditions

By Daily Guide
Nana Appiah Mensah
LISTEN AUG 21, 2019

If the indisposition claim by Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1, is anything to go by, then the victims of his gold dealership business (those alive) must be in the intensive care units of the various health facilities in Accra.

He spoke about his health predicament during his press conference, not finding it necessary to acknowledge the pain being suffered by those who were convinced about the viability of what for us can pass for the NAM1 scheme and invested in it. He has rejected the Ponzi scheme as a label for his financial engineering manoeuvre so we shall oblige his request.

We must state that he only wasted our time with his ranting after causing so much anguish and even death in families.

It was a show of hubris which did nothing to reduce the excruciating pain his victims are enduring, not knowing especially when a closure would dawn on their predicament.

If he expected the press conference to clear him of culpability for what his customers went through and to shift the blame to government's banking sector regulator, he has failed.

Here is a man who floated a business, aspects of which contravened existing regulations and eventually causing pains and deaths, mustering the courage to lay out his conditions before he can refund the monies of his patrons.

We take exception to his guts and ask that he should steer off taking the people of this country for granted. If he succeeded in hoodwinking so many people at the peak of his glory, he would not be second time lucky.

Today the government is saddled with the task of seeking a way out of the mess the so-called gold dealership and others have exacted on innocent citizens, some of them struggling people.

If he is lucky to be out of cells, thanks to the prevalence of the rule of law in the country; it would be prudent for him to stop inflicting more pains on the victims of the NAM1 scheme.

We still take exception to the regulators who slept on their guard until the scheme gained roots and sucked in so much. Today he tells government to help him retrieve his monies locked up elsewhere so he can settle his debtors. What impudence!

Trying to put the victims of the NAM1 scheme on a collision course with government is the subtle agenda behind the press conference he organized. Should the funds not be forthcoming, the aggrieved persons under the circumstances can easily turn their frustrations on government and let him off the hook.

In a society where a desperate opposition is lurking in the corners and seeking the least opportunity to label the ruling party inhuman centered this is, of course, Manna from heaven not to let go.

During one of the NDC demonstrations, some ostensible Menzgold victims were seen in the ranks of the demonstrators having been bused to the venue to augment the numbers.

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