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11.02.2006 General News

'Wanzams' For Refresher Course

By Times
'Wanzams' For Refresher Course

WANZAMS in the Greater Accra Region are to undergo special refresher courses in modern ways of male circumcision, by the middle of the year.

This follows increasing reports of alleged use of unhygienic and unsterilised instruments by some of them resulting in serious health consequences. Wanzam is a corrupted Hausa term for a traditional male circumcision specialist or traditional surgeon.

WANZAM is a corrupted Hausa term for a traditional male circumcision specialist or traditional surgeon.

Speaking to the Times the Director of the Muslim Family Counselling Services, Alhaji Baba Issa, said that the programme was aimed to address growing public concerns about the failure of some wanzams to attend special training programmes organized by the Ussher Polyclinic, in Accra, on safe and hygienic circumcision techniques.

The Ussher Polyclinic has since 1994 trained more than 200 wanzams from Maamobi, Nima, Sukura, Madina, Sabon Zongo and other Muslim dominated communities where the services of Wanzams are most patronized.

Alhaji Baba Issa said that his organization had since 1992 collaborated with the Ussher Polyclinic in Accra to mobilize the Wanzams for training but the initial interest had abated with the failure of the new crop who took over from either fathers or masters to attend the training sessions.

A retired nurse, Mrs Ernestina Anyang, an advisor to the special training programme at the Polyclinic said that an association of trained wanzams had been formed and meets on the first Thursdays of every month.

She, however, regretted that most practitioners had stopped attending the meeting where issues concerning their work and the need to ensure effective and hygienic operation so as to prevent HIV/AIDS infection, are discussed.

She therefore urged the wanzams to endeavour to attend such training programmes to update their knowledge to prevent excessive bleeding and infections