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27.07.2019 Feature Article

Kevin Ekow Taylor Has Done A Poor Job For His Paymasters

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Ghana is an interesting country. So interesting much that even people who have committed crime, still think they should rather be accorded sympathies whereas the clean ones who expose the criminals should be hanged.

My attention was drawn to a so-called exposē by Kevin Taylor who has through invectives, vituperation, and mudslinging crept into Ghana's public space. His 'exposē' this time, was about respected lawyer and anti-corruption activist, Ace Annan Ankoma. Whereas I cannot purport to have the capacity to defend Ace better than himself, I find it a moral duty to fight tooth and nail to defend distinguished persons whose contribution to the country has been immense.

Among other disjointed allegations, he claimed Ace is responsible for the collapse of MenzGold. And that, Ace conspired with certain people to ruin MenzGold. Before subjecting his accusations to strict proof, I want readers to keep up pace with the events of the MenzGold scam (hereafter referred to as scam or Ponzi).

A summary of the history of the scam culled from Ghanaweb -

"a careful look at reports issued by BoG on the activities of Menzgold in 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 clearly indicated that had individuals who decided to do business with the company listened to the central bank, they would not have probably found themselves in the situation where today they cannot retrieve their deposits from the company".

The scam has/had been operating since 2014 and undergoing name-changing exercises from Menzbank to Menbanc and finally to MenzGold in a bid to evade sanctions from the appropriate state institutions. Pause and ask yourself why all these metamorphic names? What was chasing them to change their names? Was it Ace who was chasing them to change their names? Or maybe Ace forced BoG to issue the warnings to the scam as far back 2014 when NDC was in power. Ridiculous!

I heard Kevin Taylor narrate long unrelated events. The inconsistencies in his so-called exposē part 2 are as follows -

1. Horizon royal according to him came to Ghana to retrieve $51m. In that same video he claimed $10 m was what dropped in the account and was frozen by the FIC. Question: so from whom were they going to retrieve the remaining $41 m? If they paid $10 m, why were they here to chase $51 m?

2. He claimed that Ace was aware that NAM 1, the scammer, had not committed any crime. This he said in relation to Horizon Royal. I don't recall Ace ever mentioning Horizon Royal as basis for tagging MenzGold as a ponzi. So the attempt to link what ensued between Ace and Horizon Royal to the woes of the scammer, NAM 1 is a quintessential display of warp thinking.

Apparently, the Kevin guy didn't adduce any evidence for scrutiny. He only threw about words and hoped that will constitute evidence. His strategy is to whip up sentiments of the greedy customers against the respected Ace. No companies pays 10% of interest: only ponzi schemes operate this way.

To put it iteratively, MenzGold was a scam and even if Ace contributed to bringing it down, that's the right thing he did because we have the obligation to expose crime wherever we find one.

Alhajj Suleman, Germany

Alhajj Suleman
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