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17.07.2019 Feature Article

Ghanaian Husband in London has Become Suicidal Because of his Wife’s Actions

Ghanaian Husband in London has Become Suicidal Because of his Wife’s Actions

An unknown Ghanaian man living in Morden, a suburb of London, on the Northern Underground line, is threatening to commit suicide. His resolute determination to kill himself by jumping on to the railway tracks to be run over by a fast moving train is subsequent upon his wife’s perceived acts of promiscuity and infidelity.

He brought his wife from Ghana to the United Kingdom against the admonition of his sisters who knew her to be unfaithful and associated with adulterous companions. He thought with time, she would change if his sisters’ claims were true. However, she has proved her sisters-in-law right and her husband wrong! She goes out and sleeps outside her marital home as and when she likes. She exerts absolute control over the man to the point that the husband is scared to question her about her nocturnal movements and why she does not sleep at home.

For the heartbreak the man is suffering owing to his strong love for the woman but which is not reciprocal, he feels the best thing to do is to kill himself. He does not cease weeping, in the hope that the wife will change for the better to see him as her only beloved husband but the more he sheds tears, the more the woman gets entrenched in her adulterous ways. The pleas and weeping of the man could be heard on the audio recorded interview he granted to Sankofa radio in Virginia in the United States of America on and around Monday, 15 July 2019.

This situation is not peculiar to this man alone. Many a Ghanaian wife abroad behaves in same irresponsible manner because they feel the law is on their side and should their husband raise an alarm or a finger on them, they can get the police to throw the husband out of their marital home.

Could there be any experienced marriage counsellors out there who are ready to step in to salvage this man’s marriage? All that he wants is to rescue his marriage from breaking up totally, although the woman is in her own world of walking away, from the look of things.

To the commenters, please don’t say he has to move on or he is stupid to continue to love an adulterous wife who has decided to do away with him. He who has not encountered real love, he who has never suffered a heartbreak, is the one who will treat the man’s situation as nothing. It is not as easy as we see it. The man is suicidal and until he has found complete self-calm and come to accept the reality without pain and tears, please, let us place ourselves in his stead and help him tenderly as we would to our loved little babies or children.

There are many instances of Ghanaian women involving themselves in extra marital affairs in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada. It is disheartening and disgraceful. Those men going through such abominable situations, I shall advise that once you’ve been able to muster a bit of courage to enable you move on without much hurt, please do so for it is said, “You do not step into the same (dangerous) water twice” and “Once bitten, twice shy”.

Should any serious person desire to help our dear brother come out of his current desperate predicament, I think you can contact Sankofa radio on telephone numbers 001-703-5652261 or 001-571-343-8320 for his contact details. Our sweet words to him in this dire situation of his can perform miracles.

Lest I forget, their work shift patterns are not helping things at all. They should both work either day or night shifts to be able to see themselves more as a husband and wife. With their current work shift patterns, the man doing nights and the wife days, how often do they see themselves except on their off days? This is helping the woman to cheat on the husband because the man has no time to fulfil one of the marital obligations as he should. Your guess is as good as mine. Nevertheless, we cannot blame the man for the shift pattern as he has no choice over which shift and hours best suit him owing to the financial constraints and the hustling life foreigners find themselves in abroad. Anyway, in London, he can find a job with the shift pattern that may suit him as a married man if his marriage is saved even if it means less money coming home.

Rockson Adofo

(Wednesday, 17 July 2019)

Rockson Adofo
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