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17.07.2019 General News

TV Africa's Breakfast Live Show: Pastor Chide Parents For Youth Delinquency

TV Africa's Breakfast Live Show: Pastor Chide Parents For Youth Delinquency

The Founder of Spring of Grace Church, Pastor Elisha Osei Kofi says the taste for quick money in the youth these days should be blamed on parents failure to instill the fear of God in the upbringing of their children.

Speaking on TV Africa's Breakfast Live Show, he said "how you are raised determines who you become tomorrow."

He also bemoaned how broken homes was affecting many youth in recent times. "There are situations where you have one man taking care of four children without a mother and one woman taking care of four children without a man which always end with many of these children going wayward.".

Pastor Osei Kofi cited how some parents leave home by 5:30am and returned by 6:30pm, in the name of working hard with little or no time to train their children. "The issue is that if a man and woman are home, one of them should devote time to take care of the children. And the women are mostly expected to do that but you have both busy all the time."

He said this during a discussion on how the youth are desperate for wealth with many engaging in the business of money rituals popularly called 'Sakawa.'

The Overseer of Potters Ville Church, Bishop Owusu also blamed the poor educational system for this 'sakawa' menace.

"Our educational system has also failed us. All our lives, right from age 5 to somewhere 21 you're in school. It's important we have an educational reformation, rebuilding our mindset into creativity, entrepreneurship and others," he said.

Bishop Owusu urged young people to get mentorship and guidance from people who have genuinely made it in life. "Get a skill set, learn something, seek knowledge and make something better out of your life".