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08.07.2019 General News

Soldier Hot For MPs Chamber Video

By Daily Guide
L/Cpl. Isaac Wassa LincolnL/Cpl. Isaac Wassa Lincoln

A Corporal of the 2 Recce Regiment of the Ghana Army based in Sunyani is in guardroom for breaching Ghana Armed Forces standards which prohibit soldiers from passing political remarks.

Cpl Isaac Wassa Lincoln caused a stir on social media when he joined the raging discourse on the planned construction of a $200m 450-seat chamber for the House of Parliament with unpalatable remarks about Members of Parliament (MPs) and by extension one of the arms of government.

The soldier is said to be a member of varied social media platforms where he posted his unsavoury remarks about the Legislature in a manner which left those who understand military discipline stunned.

The Military Police, one of whose functions is the enforcement of military laws, have already arrested the defaulting soldier and preparing him to face due military process which is clearly stated in the relevant law 'Armed Forces Regulation Vol 1, Article 19, section 14 subsection 2 and Article 19.36'.

He would be marched to face a superior officer without a headgear and his charges read to him followed by the appropriate sanction which could be severe.

Although he did not pass uncharitable remarks about the President who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he did ask him in the video not to allow Parliament to go ahead with the planned project something which smacks of disrespect.

DAILY GUIDE can confirm that the soldier passed the remarks on the drill square of the Recce Regiment in Accra in uniform and the colours of his unit clear on his chest as though daring his superiors to do their worst.

The soldier who passed out in December 2011 at the Army Recruit Training Centre at Shai Hills is under the radar of the Defence Intelligence over activities which do not conform to military standards.

He was in Accra recently for what in the parlance of the military is called a conversion course which lasted for two weeks on the operation of a new set of armoured cars called Otorkor.

When new brands of equipment are imported personnel must undergo a course on its peculiar features hence the reference 'conversion.'

It has been observed that the soldier knew what he was doing, having recorded his remarks himself and posted same on the social media platforms on which he is active.

He has broken the hearts of many a retired military officers and other ranks because as one of them said anonymously “this would send a negative impression about the Ghana Armed Forces to the international community where Ghanaian soldiers have carved an enviable image for the country and the quality of discipline they exude in their peacekeeping operations.”

The Kumbungu MP, Ras Mubarak, even took exception to the soldier's remarks saying it breaches military law.

In a Facebook post, Ras Mubarak said, “The fact that we want the chamber dropped doesn't mean we should promote indiscipline.

“That, however, doesn't give an officer in uniform the right to misconduct himself. He has breached the Armed Forces Regulation Vol 1, Article 19, section 14 subsection 2 and Article 19.36,” he said.

By A.R. Gomda