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21.05.2019 NPP News

Sammy Awuku, Nana B Accused Of Undermining Akufo-Addo 2020 Chances

Sammy Awuku, Nana B Accused Of Undermining Akufo-Addo 2020 Chances
MAY 21, 2019 NPP NEWS

A Civil Society Group, Jaymogabi has lashed out at the leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The group said, some leaders of the ruling party abandoned the grassroot of their political party (NPP) immediately Ghanaians elected them in to power forgetting that 2020 election is looming large.

They noted in a statement that the actions of their National Organiser, Sammy Awuku and National Youth Organizer Henry Nana Boakye are very discouraging tagging them as tribalistic.

Below is their full statement:

Hon. Sammy Awuku and Nana B have to wake up.

They should stay away from TRIBALISM, and discrimination and focus on the big 2020 battle ahead. First of all I am highly impressed about our government so far with hardworking team.

Look, there are hardworking guys who are aggressively killing themselves day and night working hard to make sure H.E NANA ADDO retained the office in 2020 elections but because they are from a region of no hope they don't value them.

Their relation with some of us who are from the volta region and oti region does not encourage us at all. They don't want to honour and approve of face to face meeting with them when you want to give them an advantageous information.

We the Jaymogabi Group are one of those victims. We are appealing to the government to open their doors to the grassroots especially those who fought a good fight during the 2016 campaign and still working hard to ensure His excellency Nana Addo Danqauh Akufo Addo retain his seat. Sammy and Nana B are too tribalistic which won't help our development in order to archive what we are aiming at.

We the youth in the Oti Region and Volta Region have promised 70 % votes to support NPP 2020. Together we stand divided we fall. We are also appealing to all NPP MPs, MCEs, Assembly members, Unit Committee Members etc to rise up and fight as members and staff of the party.

There is this saying that "those who you meet when climbing a tree are the same people you will meet when descending". You know yourselves. Change your attitudes. Former president Kuffour said that "being a messenger in a ruling party is better than being a general Secretary in an opposition party".

The truth is always bitter but it heals. Seek the truth, listen to the truth, teach the truth, live the truth, abide the truth and defend the truth into death.

Signed by – Group President

Julius Atsu Yawlui