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13.01.2006 General News

Tribute to Honorable David Walenkaki

By Kufuor, Appiah – Danquah

I wish to pay a personal tribute to Mr. David Walenkaki, Former Commissioner of Police a true patriot, honest, dedicated, professional police officer David was one of the finest, noble, courageous Police Officer that I had the blessings and fortune to meet.

I was introduced to David by Mrs. Valerie Sackey and was impressed by his courtesy, personal decorum and professionalism. David was instrumental in stopping the murderous activities of the Sefwi child killers. On his expedition to trap and catch the murderous, obscene and obnoxious Sefwi cliques engaged in killing children to sell their body parts, David made a brief stopover at Nkawie where we had a chat.

Armed robbers and criminal elements in Accra dreaded the sight of David. With him in charge, residents in the City slept soundly and went about their legitimate business in peace.

He inspired many young police officers and was completely apolitical. Although the Former President appointed him to his position he never showed any bias in his call of duty. He was a fair, sincere and just person. He treated everyone with equal respect and dignity.

I wish to extend my personal sympathy to the family spokesperson, Mr. Simon Apio, David's wife and family. God permitting, I will try and attend David's funeral. He was a fine man, a true Ghanaian who served his country faithfully and gracefully

I appeal to the State Council and the Ghana Police Service to request a fitting state burial for David.

Sleep well you were a true son of Ghana