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20.05.2019 Religion

The Old Testament: The Heart Of The Holy Bible

By Jude Thaddeus Taylor
The Old Testament: The Heart Of The Holy Bible

When reading the Bible, many Christians turn quickly to the familiar and comforting pages of the New Testament. But in doing so, they are missing something crucial. What about the Hebrew Scriptures which make up the first 80% of the Bible? Many Christians incorrectly dismiss the Old Testament as archaic and out of touch. So, what is the benefit of learning the Old Testament? And how does it affect our understanding of Jesus’ life?

There is no tree without its roots, before its stem and forthwith to the branches of the tree which holds the leaves on the plants which sustain the continued existence of the entire TREE.

Many Christians have made a habit of skipping over the Old Testament in favour of the New, however, this is an oversight. In his Second Letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul declares that “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Tim. 3:16).

You might not initially understand how the ritual laws of the Torah are powerful tools for how God in the Holy Spirit sustained ordinary men ability in living a righteous life. How ordinary men became friends of the Mighty and Awesome God. Including our first Parents (Adam and Eve, the beauty of their relationship with God association and friendliness in the Garden of Eden, before Satan corrupted their minds and lost the Grace of God which ultimately made it possible for our bodies condemned to rot back into the soil from which it was formed) Abel, Enosh,Noah, Abraham through to Israel/Jesus Christ to the born (again today) saved making the CHURCH, eventually the KINGDOM OF GOD.

But as you study these sections of the Bible, you begin to enter the world of ancient Israel, which Jesus and his disciples were a part of. You begin to see how the Hebrew prophets foretold the arrival of the Messiah, hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus. There simply is no better way of capturing the inspirational essence of the Scriptures than by learning to read them in Hebrew! aVOIDING THE MISERABLE ATTITUDE OR IGNORANCE OF CALLING IT A WASTE OF TIME ( Yet they come back to dwell and choose a few mix baggage of texts which they consider favourable.). CONSIDER COMING BACK AND MAKE THE WHOLE HOLY BIBLE RELEVANT BENEFICIAL TO US AS CHRISTIANS.