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10.05.2019 General News

Ghana to mark Mother’s Day with a drama

By Francis Ameyibor
Ghana to mark Mother’s Day with a drama

Accra, May 10 – Ghana to mark the 2019 International Women’s Day with a drama titled “Only Mothers Can Tell,” to be performed by the National Drama Company a resident Theatre Company of the National Theatre of Ghana.

The play to be performed on Saturday May 11 serves as prelude to the Mother’s Day celebration on May 12; is a revelation of the secret of an ancient well, which exposes the intrinsic strength of women, that is not something visible like it is attributed to men in terms of physical strength.

Only Mothers Can tell also captures the inherent love of a mother for mankind in general and their children in particular which most often is immeasurable; that “is not to say fathers do not equally show their love, but that of woman is so unconditional,” Mr Mawuli Semevo, Director of National Drama Company stated in Accra.

He explained that revellers to the pre-Mother’s Day Drama performance would also be exposed to the adverse situation that mothers experience when it comes to nurturing children right from the fertilisation of the embryo in the womb and the endurance of a women through that mysterious nine-month period which climaxes in bring a life into this world.

“This Drama is to use the theatre stage to honour mothers; highlight the influence of mothers in the society as well as creating maternal bonds in families.

“Celebration of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Roman, who held festival in honour of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday,” Mr Semevo stated.

The play opens from a certain community where a young cattle or cow herd, Zuzu, falls in love with a girl Iseda, who is the peer. But in this community after puberty rites have been performed the maidens are made to dance for the king to choose one of them as his wife.

During one of these ceremonies, the King decides to choose Iseda, which is a big blow for both young loved ones; should they elope after realising that they do not have a choice?

The only option for Iseda after she is chosen by the old King as his new wife is to live in the palace with the old man as his wife.

But the two love birds continue to meet secretly by the well of the community, where they usually meet as Iseda goes to fetch water and Zuzu brings his cattle to graze and drink water anytime; because her heart is still with Zuzu even when she, Iseda, has been chosen by the old King.

As time passes, Iseda gets pregnant, who impregnated her? Zuzu or the Old King? The mystery would be unveiled on Saturday at the National Theatre. Iseda gave birth to a son who succeeds Old King Dossey as a prince, is he the legitimate prince? Only Mothers can tell.

Then Zuzu in his old age becomes a prisoner of war in King Ndongo’s palace awaiting execution.

Whilst Iseda also in her old age as wife of the former King and mother of the prince drops a potent protective charm which was given her by the community traditional priest and gives an alibi that it is an accident charm.

Now, who will dive into this ancient well of the community to save the people from drinking the water polluted by the poisonous charm?

There is only one person who can undertake this mission and it is only Iseda who knows the person, will she identify that person?