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29.04.2019 Feature Article

The Fear of Death is an Inhibitor to Progress as Money is the Root of all Evil

The Fear of Death is an Inhibitor to Progress as Money is the Root of all Evil

Many a friend question to know the source of my bravery that enables me to take on strong and exceedingly powerful men like the Asante Overlord. The answer is very simple. It is all about being honest and fearless of death. "Since every man who lives is born to die", why should I allow the fear of some human monster scheming to kill me prevent me from standing up tall to be counted in fulfilment of my godly purpose here on earth?

Once you eschew the fear of death to live your life in sincerity, you automatically become emboldened to face squarely anything that comes your way. I see myself as born to be of service to humanity and my nation. I see myself as ever prepared to extend a helping hand to the poor and the needy and to fight the corner of those being unjustly molested as it is with the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

When I cast my eyes around, I cannot see my parents and most of my siblings and half-siblings. They are all dead and gone. Will I be any different from them? No! Why then should I be afraid of a super rich man, a human monster, a powerful politician etc. because they have the perceived permissible capability to extinguish my life as and when they like at the crack of their fingers?

The fear of death within the Ghanaian, has given cause to many thronging into some dubious churches and fetish shrines only to end up duped. As my effective sloganized weapon for fighting the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute is now, "With God we are victorious", why then should I fear a fellow human being because of their monstrosity? The life of a human being, no matter how many years it lasts, is like a morning dew that dissipates with the rising Sun. All that is required of you is to live your life in honesty; respecting your fellow human beings irrespective of their status and age, and surely, you will become as fearless as Rockson.

Will I be around in the next fifty years taking into account my current age? No; then why should I allow a bully deemed capable of say, killing, to threaten me to the point of becoming so fearful of him only to succumb to his intimidations and corruptible desires? Once you begin to entertain the fear of death but which is inevitable, that is the end of you. You will become subject to bullying and cowed by every Tom, Dick and Harry. How then will you progress in life? How will you achieve your godly purpose on earth?

Take the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute as a perfect example. Because some traditional overlord feels he is capable of doing whatever he wants with the country’s security personnel thrown at his disposal coupled with his probably "hit squad", he can determine the direction of the case with impunity. Such persons are those that I love to stand up to, for the bible clearly states that resist the devil and he shall flee.

With money, one can get away with blue murder. With money one can command people to do his dirty wishes. With money one can manipulate Ghana’s legal system hence the saying, money is the root of all evil.

Yes, I find it truthful the message on one Nana Akua’s WhatsApp profile but if you belief in yourself and are sincere, why should you bother? The message goes as, "Stop giving people too much information about yourself so that they will not define your life. Trust nobody. Life is full of fake people" . Let those who are smiley on the face while being abusive behind your back carry on, there is coming a day of reckoning where they will be obliged to give account of their deeds and misdeeds.

As cowards have no place in heaven, don’t let the fear of death prevent you from doing what is noble to progress in life. If I happen not to be remembered, appreciated and commended for my audacity and selflessness to fighting for justice for Kumawuman while I am alive, I shall surely be posthumously remembered for appreciation.

Why do I now always choose to write when I feel tired and sleepy? Is it because of old age or a bad habit that I have begun to cultivate?

Please, don’t let the fear of death intimidate you to submit to criminal demands of anyone, be the person a powerful traditional chief, a rich man or a politician of high standing. I dedicate this publication to all those who have become cowards to not fully exercise and enjoy their human rights because of the fear of some human monster being able to take their life hence continually succumbing to their evil wishes in a "Yes Sir, Master" manner.

With God we are victorious.
Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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