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06.04.2019 Malawi

A Call For Change-- Origin Of Biblical Names Revealed

By Kwasi Tano
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Beloved, welcome back once again to the chambers, "A Call For Change". A change that has got nothing to do with politicians nor any official position but a true and total change that must begin from the mental faculties of all Ghanaians.

In my previous article I mentioned that religious names given to us as our first or English names were mostly taken from the Bible. I also said in the same article that, theology has it that the events recorded in the first eleven chapters of the Bible in Genesis which according to the Bible was the foundation of the world, NEVER OCCURRED. Therefore the characters such as Adam, Eve, Seth, Enoch, Noah etc NEVER EXISTED and for that matter all the names in these chapters were not real but rather created ones. That is to say they were fictional characters.

I also mentioned that the originator of the name is mostly made superior therefore whoever's name is given to anybody, places superiority of the originator over the subordinate.

Generally the world have been made to believe that the stories and characters in the Bible came from the Jews in Israel but new findings from historical, archaeological and anthropological records have proved different knowledge from what the public know. There are enormous records, as mentioned above, proving that the present Jews in Israel, who are mostly whites, called either Ashkenazi or Khazar Jews, were brought in from different countries such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary etc by League of Nations (now called United Nations) in 1948 to form the country. That is to say Israel was formed in 1948. This simply means until 1948 there was no country on earth called Israel. Prior to this the present Hebrew language was believed to have been created by British and Palestinians around the latter part of 19th century.

Also from the careful study of these biblical quotations;

Leveticus 13:
During the determination and assessment of leprosy, the descriptions differentiated two skin colours black and white.

Songs of Solomon/Canticles 1:5-6:
Here the writer or speaker in plain words declared himself/herself to be black

Lamentation 4:8
Lamentation 5:10:
These two quotations described the facial and physical appearance of the family of Juda as black.

Revelation 1:14-15
This brings the physical appearance of biblical Jesus Christ to be black man. The features described here are pure black features;

These are all evidence to prove the assertion that it is an established fact that the biblical stories were made about blacks, by blacks and from black people

therefore it is extremely unacademic and sound no sense to assign the creation of the stories in the Bible to any group of people different from black race.

Without fear or favour I can categorically state here that the original stories as well as the names of the characters in the Bible came from no more black race than the Akan people in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea. Deep research has revealed that these people together with few African tribes formed the supreme ancient civilizations such as Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel and Ghana empire.

Further more, in the said article I also suggested that all such names as first/Christian(religious)/English names must be replaced with traditional names; because:

(1) those first/Christian/English names are fake names that were not real names to anyone

(2) the characters never existed and for that matter the names were just created by some people

(3) these are edited names from Africans, mostly the Akans in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea to deceive the world.

(4) the traditional names are the original names that must remain and be maintained as true and authentic, superior names throughout every generation

In proving the above, here are few names taken from the Bible to support this claim.

To begin with once again I will like to state emphatically that most of the names of the Biblical books, their authors and the characters were Akan names that had been hugely edited and corrupted by Europeans for a purpose that would be discussed separately in future.

Going forward let me begin to reveal the secret behind some of the names of the biblical books.

GENESIS: This book according to the Bible is the foundation of the world. The Twi word for foundation as singular is GYINASO. The first old Testament that came out to the public was brought by the Greeks and it was called the Septuagint.

According to the Greek philosophy No great or masculine name that must end with a vowl. Instead the letter "S" must be put at the end of the noun/name. Examples include HERODOTUS, Pythagoras, Thales, Samaras, Archimedes, Olympiakos, Panathinakos etc.

With this philosophy GYINASO had the "S" to become GYINASOS. This GYINASOS was corrupted to become Genesis.

The corruption of Akan or African words came as a result of European accent in pronouncing any Akan/African name or word.

EXUDOS: This book recorded all the plaques including the ten major ones. The Akan words for plaque and ten (10) are ESAN and DU respectively. These two Akan words were combined with the usual "S" at the end to become ESANDUS. This ESANDUS was edited further and corrupted to become EXODUS.

LEVETICUS: in the ancient biblical manuscript this book was called LEUETICUS before through editing and corruption it became LEVETICUS. This book recorded many laws beside the ten commandments indicating there was no return to where they came from. The name of this book was an idiomatic expressions in Twi, AWIA ATE KO (the sun is no more) indicating everything was over.

AWIATEKO as usual had "S" at the end and "L" in the beginning to have LAWIATECUS. For easy pronunciation the word was made LEUETICUS then later LEVETICUS.

NUMBERS: This book claimed to record census that was conducted. This means things were organised. The Twi word for things here is NUOMA meaning everything. As usual the 'S' was added at the end of the word to become NUOMAS. This NUOMAS (pronounce as 'Nuorma') was corrupted and edited to become NUMBERS

DEUTERONOMY: This book recorded the condition of both blessings and curses in the Bible. The name of this book consists of three Akan words bringing together to form the name.

DI TORO meaning lie
NOMEE meaning curse. These words brought together as DITORONOMEE literally means 'lie and be cursed' was corrupted to become DEUTERONOMY.

For the purpose of time and space I will end here but encourage readers to continue reading next week. Stay focused.