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28.03.2019 Opinion

Kenkey Party In Celebration Of $21billion Borrowing & Dollar Cedi Ratio Of 5.22; A Betrayal Of Ghana

By Amoakohene Frank ( Former NUGS President)
Kenkey Party In Celebration Of $21billion Borrowing & Dollar Cedi Ratio Of 5.22; A Betrayal Of Ghana
LISTEN MAR 28, 2019

The development of every nation first takes a conscious process of reorienting the minds of the people in accepting and working towards a set vision.

Leaders can only be fortunate to have majority of their followers share in their vision and support same. With that opportunity, it is a must for the leader to stay true to that vision and not betray the vision and the people.

The case is different in the present day Ghana with regrets and uncertainties on the faces of the youth. How would the next generation be able to pay the debt of over $80 Billion borrowed by the Nana Addo-led-Government in two years, after a promise of a Ghana beyond Aid.

Remember that this does not include an estimate of what is being borrowed, (50 billion bauxite deal etc) to be borrowed and the outstanding debts from successive administrations.

One of the major aspirations of every Ghanaian is to wake up to a prosperous country, self-sufficient enough and free from the shackles of debts.

It was refreshing to have the President stand up to the international community and the entire nation to chant a mantra of building a Ghana beyond Aid.

This chant was reassuring to be coming from a President who campaigned with lots of accusations of Reckless borrowing and gross mismanagement. We were told that Terminal 3, University of Ghana Medical Center, the 10 Polyclinics, Kejetia Market, Ridge Hospital, etc. meant nothing more than recklessness on the part of the Mahama-Led-Government

With this, one excepted that the NPP after winning power, would focus on, cutting down on importations, value addition to our natural resources and making Ghana a hub for both continental and international trade in building an economically independent country.

The betrayal of Ghana beyond Aid
On the contrary, our bauxite fileds and oil royalties are being used as sureties for huge borrowing.

Let Government be reminded that the rise and fall of leadership revolve around one important pillar, TRUST, and any Government that loses the trust of the people is bound to fail.

Nana Addo unfortunately, has become a man full of rhetorics and slogans with no action.

The President and his government have defied every single word they uttered and have broken every single promise they made.

As a matter of fact, the least of the promises we expected Government to disregard is that of the Ghana beyond Aid.

Government is celebrating borrowing in grand style with Kenkey party with no regards to wise counsel.

How can Government celebrate a Dollar to Cedi ratio of 5.22 when they inherited it at 3.8?

How can borrowing in excess of over $16 billion calls for a Kenkey Party?

And how does these fit into the Ghana beyond Aid Agenda?

My heart bleeds for my Country!💔
The power of the people can never on any day be underestimated! 2020 is not far!

Amoakohene Frank
Former NUGS President

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