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17.03.2019 Feature Article

Yes, Mother Ghana Does Have A Very Bright Future Indeed!

Yes, Mother Ghana Does Have A Very Bright Future Indeed!

The main challenge we face as a people is that we have allowed ourselves to be enveloped in an infernal miasma of negativity. That won't take us anywhere - and I refuse to surrender to the defeatism plaguing so many, in this beautiful and blessed country of ours. Haaba.

Yesterday, I spoke to someone my age (I'll be 66 this July), who roundly condemned me for my optimism about our homeland Ghana's future: "How can you be so optimistic in the face of the continuing corruption-in-high-places, which is ruining this country, and robbing young people of their collective future, Kofi. Are you that blind and naive?" Ebeeii.

First of all, although I loathe the political party he leads, we are lucky to have a selfless leader in the Nkrumah-mould, President Akufo-Addo - whom I back 100 percent and pray for daily: to be given long life; continuing good health; wisdom and the courage to do what is right, not what is popular today, but will be detrimental to future generations; and, above all, for the unfailing support of Ghanaians of good conscience NDC goodwill.

For the sake of all the doubting-Thomases in our midst, who have succumbed to the prevailing negativity, today, I have culled and article from Nick Hodge's Outsider Club's online newsletter, entitled: "This Little Chip Will Soon Be on Every Amazon Package" - although it is, in reality, a pitch for his online investment consultancy business, and a bit long-winded. It points out an example of the amazing technological advances dramatically reshaping humankind's collective future for the better.

We are lucky to have Huawei in our midst. Our government should ignore the strictures of foreign powers at odds with Huawei - and work with them to enable Ghanaians and their nation benefit from their technological prowess in so many high-tech sectors - such as it's global leadership of the solar invertor industry.

Kofi Thompson
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