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Odotobibi (Techiman) Finally Receives Her Crown

Odotobibi Techiman Finally Receives Her Crown
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Odotobibi, the name synonymous to peaceful resting abode. Finally, today, Odotobibi received the recognition that she deserves. Who is this Odotobibi, someone will ask? She is the Piesie (the first born) of the Akan family and the originator of the Bono Kingdom; Bonokyempem Deiduakwa Techiman, to cut things short.

Today February 13, 2019 history was made at the Golden Jubilee House, the seat of government of the Republic of Ghana. The President of the republic of Ghana, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akuffo Addo through CI 113 named Techiman (Odotobibi) the capital of the newly created Bono East Region.

There is no better time to hear this happy news than now. A host of institutions and even the capital of the old Brong Ahafo Region, which should have been given to Techiman for strange political reasons were diverted to another place. Yet, Techiman the Odotobibi of Ghana, persevered. A painful example is the Abetifi College of Education.

Apart from Techiman being endowed with natural resources, she has humbly and gracefully accepted to be the matron of the Republic of Ghana and her neighboring countries. Almost all the food staffs produced in Ghana cannot find it way to our tables without passing through the Techiman market, which is among the biggest markets in the West Africa Sub-region. No wonder it continues to be the most vibrant city in the middle sector of Ghana after Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti region.

While I commend all the competed towns namely; Nkoranza, Kintampo, Atebubu to mention but few, for the regional capital of the newly created Bono East Region, I would like to draw the attention of chiefs and the good people of Techiman that, unity is strength.

Long live Odotobibi!

Long live Bono East Region!!

Long Live Ghana!!!

Oyoko Nana Adduow

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