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06.12.2018 Headlines

One District, One Factory: Akufo-Addo Opens Sunda Baby Diapers Factory

By News Desk
One District, One Factory: Akufo-Addo Opens Sunda Baby Diapers Factory

(WeiJia – Ghana) – President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo – Addo has formally opened a new baby diapers manufacturing factory near WeiJia in the greater Accra region. A private Chinese company named Sunda international established the factory as part of its expansion drive in Ghana to take advantage of the government’s 1d1f industrialisation policy.

Sunda international is a private Chinese company, which has operated in Ghana for over a decade. The company has invested in different factories for the manufacture of Hygiene products, building materials and hardware and many more. Sunda re-export their products from Ghana to other West African countries.

In early 2018, President Akufo –Addo opened Twyford ceramics factory also belonging to Sunda in Shama in the western region. This new factory brings to two new factories by the same company in 2018.

The President who cut the sod to officially begin operations of the new factory praised the investors for having confidence in the Ghanaian economy and the rural industrialisation policy of his government.

‘’ Your company’s expansion drive in opening up different manufacturing plants in different parts of Ghana shows your confidence in the Ghanaian economy and the profitability of your local manufacturing business. It also gives a great signal to the reluctant investors who are waiting to see results from your investment as a motivation for their own initiatives. I encourage other investors to take advantage of our business-friendly policy to set up their own manufacturing plants in Ghana.’’

The President also assured the Ghanaian people that his government’s flagship policy of 1D1F has come to stay.

‘’ It is possible to have a manufacturing base in every district with its accompanying job security and spread of wealth among the people of these communities and today’s commissioning of this factory is another testimony.’’

He had also asked the critics of the 1D1F policy to think twice.

‘’And those who thought that the policy of 1D1F couldn’t be done in Ghana will now have to think again. It is happening. And the good people of Ghana are the beneficiaries.''

Chairman of Sunda International Mr Y.C Shen disclosed the projections of the new baby diapers factory in Ghana.

‘’We project is currently operating a total of seven (7) production lines for diapers, sanitary napkins and wet wipes, and we will increase to ten (10) production lines next year. This will be the largest diaper factory in Africa.’’

He also said plans are far advanced for the company to set up more manufacturing factories in different parts of Ghana as they are happy to take business advantage of the Ghana government's rural industrialisation policy of 1D1F.

‘’Your government’s policy of ‘one district, one factory’ encourages investors to set up a factory in every district of Ghana which is what the Chinese government did about 40 years ago and it has industrialised China into one of the world’s biggest economies.’’

‘’Industrialisation’’ he continued, ''remains the main driving force behind every growing economy all over the world today. As Ghana is trying to industrialise, we at Sunda international are happy to be partners in the rural industrialisation development project of the government of Ghana.’’

Managing director of Sunda – Ghana Isaac Hu disclosed the new factory is providing current new jobs and promised more local Ghanaian jobs at full capacity to the benefit of the communities.

‘’This plant is currently providing 500 jobs'' he said, adding ''but is expected to provide between 800-1000 jobs when in full operation soon.’’

Mr Hu assured the community of Sunda’s commitment to its corporate social responsibilities over the years.

‘’We have for several years tried building a harmonious relationship with the communities in which we operate our businesses because we are committed to giving back to the community, providing jobs for the community, and providing charitable contributions for the public welfare of the communities in which we operate our businesses.’’

‘’At full production capacity,’’ he added, ‘’the annual output of this factory with all localised production in Ghana. In the case of meeting the needs of the Ghanaian people, Our export to West African countries is estimated to be about 50%.’’










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