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06.12.2018 Poem

Farming My Pride

By Kukubor Redeemer
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Farming my pride

Farming my pride

Farming my most cherish occupation

Farming the profession of my heart

Do I hear you say farming is not a profession

Yes to you it may not be a profession but to me it is the greatest profession that always come to mind

Hmmmm you were bold to tell me farming is not a profession, can you now tell me the professional who do not depend on the farmer for survival?

I think you can't mention for all I know is all professionals take in something from a farmer to help keep their body in good shape and good condition

Do you believe in that?

Just come to think of this the orange, water melon, rice,yam,okro and all the farm produce that we always develop love for are all products of a farmers hands.

Farming the occupation I cherish

Farming the occupation on which great professionals depend

Farming the true pride of my life many see you as the occupation of illiterates but I see you as an occupation for the literates, the determine and hardworking persons in the society.

Farming my pride.