NDC Holland Congratulates New National Executives

By NDC Holland
NDC Holland Congratulates New National Executives
LISTEN NOV 20, 2018

We, NDC Holland, congratulations our new National Executives on their undoubtedly well-deserved election, or re-election, in our just ended 9th National Congress. We hold the believe that, qualitatively if not quantitatively, the NDC 2018 9th National Congress has been the biggest and successful national delegates conference ever held in Ghana since the 4th Republic. We believe that your victories were not attained by a sudden flight or on a silver platter, rather you fought hard and won your positions without doubts. You deserve credit for stepping up to do the hard work, toured the country to bring your good messages to the delegates.

Months of hard work came to a climax on 17thNovember 2018 when over 8,000 delegates exercised their franchise to vote for 26 Executives out of 65 candidates vying for various positions as National Executives. Today, we’re excited to congratulate our comrades who the delegates favoured and voted them.

Our delegates have spoken, and they have mandated you to do the right job they want you to do. This trust serves as a source of energy and determination for you to continue to work for the benefit of NDC in our struggle to bring back the good governance the voters were deceived to vote out. May you inspire people for meaningful achievements that contribute to prosperity and solidarity of our party and promote rich culture of Ghana. NDC Holland Chapter in conjunction with NDC Almere Branch in The Netherlands, and other NDC Chapters in Diaspora join in hand to congratulate you on your undoubtedly well-deserved election. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to serving your party.

Elections by their very nature produce those who are victorious and those who are defeated. Defeat must be seen as temporary condition, and it’s only when we give up to fight another time, makes it permanent. For us in NDC, the resulting is in the direction to kick out the nepotistic, super-incompetent and corrupt government of Nana Akufo-Addo led-NPP. We the social democrats believe in freedom, equality, justice and solidarity. This our core values will strengthen and bring us together to wrestle power from NPP. We believe that our just ended internal election is not about winners and losers, rather a road to victory in 2020. NDC Holland salutes all who were bold enough to show their candidature for various positions.

Our biggest thanks also go to the party executives, both out-going and present, for organizing such a biggest successful national congress in Ghana political discourse. This year’s congress saw twice the number of delegates who attended the 8th National Congress in Kumasi. The task demanded hard working, sacrifice and commitment to put all logistics in order to have an effective and successful congress. We are proud for your leadership qualities. Our thanks go to the delegates who travelled from various constituencies to vote for your favourite candidates. Some of you were in Accra days ahead of the election and still had the patience and energy to wait for final count and candidates declaration. These are signs that you love your party and ready to die for your party. We NDC Holland thank you and all the party foot soldiers who supported the State Police to make the election and counting peaceful. On the same stream, we thank the representatives of the Electoral Commission who supervised the election to the successful end.

We thank each and everyone who contributed in any small way to make our National Congress a success.

God Bless you all!
God Bless Ghana!
God Bless NDC!
Eye Zu, Eye Za
Lewis Kwame Addo
NDC Holland Chapter

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