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02.11.2005 General News

Journalists Attacked At NDC HQ

By Daily Guide
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MILITANT ACTIVISTS of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) reinforced their dislike for the media, especially the private press when they ambushed Daily Guide reporters at the NDC headquarters, and assaulted them, yesterday at 3.30pm.

The two reporters, Patricia Setorwu, and Garneo Cephas, had been dispatched to the NDC headquarters, after Daily Guide learnt that confusion had broken out at the party's Kokomlemle head office, during an emergency meeting between certain party executives and members of the Tema branch of the party, over the fate of the NDC national women's organiser, Ms. Frances Ewurabena Asiam.

However, the said meeting degenerated into open confrontation.

The confrontation was between opponents of Ms Asiam and her supporters. At the time, Daily Guide news crew got there, some angry NDC women were in red outfits, demonstrating on the office premises, to register their opposition to their organiser, Asiam.

A very popular NDC known female serial radio-caller, was seen threatening to beat a driver at the headquarters, who had dared to rebuke their action. In the ensuing confusion, one of the activists identified the Daily Guide reporters as “konkonsa” press people, who had been dispatched to the party headquarters, to report on the incident.

Without asking about their mission, or ascertaining which media house they came from, they were pounced upon and heckled by these angry NDC members, just because they saw an earphone in the ear of Cephas.

The mobile phone was fetched from his pocket and smashed on the ground, dismantling it into several pieces because they suspected that he was using the phone to record and transmit incidents and proceedings at the headquarters. No amount of explanation could convince them, as these militants manhandled the journalists.

Sensing the intensity of the heckling and assault, some level-headed members came and whisked the two journalists to safety. The journalists were hidden in a safe room, where they were kept for about 45 minutes.

The angry supporters were still not happy as they called for the blood of the “konkonsa” journalists.

The assault has been reported to the Nima Police, who caused the journalists to write their statements to assist in investigations.

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