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15.08.2005 General News

Gizelle's "Twins" Expected In Ghana -Lens

By Lens

The Lens can confirm that Madam Giselle Yazji, the Lady who is now popularly referred to as President Kufuor's worst nightmare, will be touching down on Ghanaian soil this Thursday.

The Lens has it on authority also that Giselle Yazji will be accompanied by her twin sons, John and Philip Kufuor, who are widely believed to have been fathered by President Kufuor. Sources close to Madam Giselle Yazji told The Lens over the weekend that her plans to arrive in Ghana today, Monday, were thrown out of gear by the industrial action embarked on by British Airways' ground staff over the weekend.

“She should have been arriving on Monday, but the strike action by British Airways' ground staff has compelled her to make alternative arrangements to come to Ghana, which means that the earliest she could expect to be in Ghana would be Thursday,” the source told The Lens.

Asked to confirm whether Madam Yazji is likely to be arriving with the much talked about set of twins, John and Philip, the source replied, “Yes, my information is that it is part of her plans to bring the twins to see their fatherland and for their father to see them in the flesh.”

It would be recalled that the President through his many spokesmen have vehemently denied the existence of any twins fathered by Mr. Kufuor out of wedlock. Kwabeba Adjepong the Press Secretary to the President went to the extent of daring Miss Giselle Yazji to produce the twins if they ever exist.

Kweku Baako cum Egbert Faibille have also done their utmost to cast doubt on the story of the twins claiming that the woman Giselle has no credibility andwas only fabricating the story of the twins.

Finally, the moment of truth is here.

Exactly at 7.55 pm, on August 18th, the whole nation will finally put to rest the doubts when little John and Philip Kufuor, said to closely resemble their father John Agyekum Kufuor, touch the soil of their fatherland.

The Lens has learnt that government sponsored goons will be placed at security checkpoints at the airport whose duty will be to try and search Giselle thoroughly with a view to stealing any documents that she might be carrying. Meanwhile, thousands of registered members of the NGO, Friends Of Truth will be at the airport to welcome.

Miss Giselle Yazji and little John and Philip Kufuor. A leading member of another group calling itself the “Enemies of Lies” also told Joy FM that it is the group's avowed aim to make Madam Giselle Yazji's stay in Ghana uncomfortable.