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Jan 24, 2018 | Petitions

Petition To Allow University Of Ghana Students Without Student Id Cards Sit Exams In The Exigencies Of Examinations.

By AL-Hassan Abdul Razak

In pursuance of the sacred object of the University of Ghana as enshrined in the university of Ghana Act, (Act 806) – to set aside needless impediments to academic comfort we the undersigned students being bona fide students of the University petition your able and high authority for the reconsideration of the policy of disallowing students from sitting examinations on the grounds that they forgot to come along with or misplaced their student ID cards.

We are more so aggrieved by the inertia of the institution to exploit other veritable alternatives of student identity verification so as to avert the semester-long toils of students chipping away in the drain. We, in the same vein, commiserate with the dozens of students who have to re-sit their examinations just because they misplaced or forgot to carry their Student ID cards and were therefore handicapped, and thus were not allowed to write their exams.

We are desirous of the rectification of this anomaly, and seeing that the aforementioned grievance negatively affects the fate of students' academics, the integrity of the examinations and the world-class honorable reputation attained by the university over the years, WE,
In the exercise of our rights, and for the promotion of maximum convenience, therefore DEMAND that:

1. In the interim, students who unfortunately fall in that pit of fate be allowed to sit by verifying from the attendance register which contains the name, ID number and most importantly the picture of the student.

2. Institutional engagement be operationalised to produce seminal ideas on how to better the system, forestalling such lapses.

3.A process for the introduction of biometric verification must be fast-tracked The ubiquity of biometric verification machines is feasible by the introduction of one Biometric Verification Machine(BVM) in each examination centre to specifically verify students who forgot to come along with or misplaced their Student ID card.


The University of Ghana Act (Act 806)
Section 19 of the Act entitles us to petition the Vice Chancellor since he is the head of the academic board.

Section 18(d) lays down that the academic board is responsible for the conduct of the University's examinations.

Section 38 (d) requires the dean of students to ensure that conditions are put in place that enhances student life.

Section 41 on academic offences does not expressly state not having a student ID card present at an exam as an academic offence.

Section 45 on sanction for students, as a result does not lay down a sanction for failure to have a Student ID card at examinations.

Section 6(4) of Schedule G on University Examinations does not expressly provide for student ID for admission into examinations.

Section 10(14) of schedule G only describes the use of Students' ID card for the purpose of identification by the invigilator.

Section 10(2) of schedule G only provides for registration as qualifying one entry to examinations.

We pray you the exercise of the powers of your authority for the rectification of the situation for the student body.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Lead Petitioners

AL-Hassan Abdul Razak
(0544828701, Email: [email protected])

Abdallah, Abdul Matin
(0243791484, Email: [email protected])

Daniel Bakomora
(0273700532, [email protected])

Elliot Ayertey Nuertey
[email protected]

Nota Bene: Find attached corresponding signatures.

Ministry of Education
Vice Chancellor
Pro Vice Chancellor(Academic)
SRC President
Speaker (General Assembly, SRC)
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