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17.12.2017 Feature Article

Let’s Revere And Value Our Revenue

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The government of Ghana does not conjure any money for his developmental projects, it is our taxes that the government utilize to build this.Ghana”s macroeconomic performance has been mixed and over the years recurrent policy slippages have amplified the impact of external and domestic shocks.

However, the government faces significant contingent liabilities from various sectors including energy sector and state owned enterprises. It is our view that despite our economic shortfalls, the country has come a long way in achieving economic prosperity and lifting the living standard of its citizens.

We do grunt for agreement, because compared to regional peers; Ghana has long enjoyed political stability and relatively robust and diversified growth.

Therefore, policy implementation has ebbed and waned the resulting bouts of macroeconomic instability have, in turn, set the country back especially when large fiscal slippages have occurred in previous years. The challenge the country faces is matching its revenue with expenditure.

Ghanaians are calling on the government to find innovative ways of expanding the tax net and help rope in the large workforce in the informal sector. We caution the government not to overstretch the few in the public sector who are already overburdened with taxes.

The government must step up efforts to widen the tax net to include everybody who earns income.Afterall; Ghana’s development processes can only achieve results with increased revenue, since the government relies on taxes to implement its policies.

Finally, am urging the citizenry to file their taxes returns, so that the country gets more revenue to match its expenditure.

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