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Opinion | Dec 16, 2017

Human Rights Are Rights Not Rots

By Abu Ibrahim Azebre
Human Rights Are Rights Not Rots

The world is at a crossroad, and has confused rights with rots. What was naturally and morally considered as fundamental human privileges are being misunderstood by many. Rather, societal evils are now being advanced as human rights and promoted through enactment of laws. Among these ills is homosexuality.

According to the United Nations, Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. These include right to life and liberty, free from slavery and torture, freedom of expression and opinion, socio-cultural freedoms, freedom of association, right to choice relationship and marriage partner, among others.

These among many other rights and freedoms are being considered as fundamental and inalienable and no citizen of the world should be vetoed from enjoying them. Campaigners of human rights have step beyond the boundaries of human rights and mixed rights with rots. The turn of events in relation to the advocacy for protection of homosexuals and global campaign for enactment of laws to favour the practice of homosexuality is rather a threat to the existence of human rights in the first place.

Generally, homosexuality denotes romantic and sexual relationship between two or more persons of the same sex or genders, that is, man-to-man and woman-to-woman sexual relations. This form of sexual orientation is alien, barbaric, evil and dangerous to human race.

We must be frank; laws are made by humans and for humans, not against humans. In any case, each country and community have its own peculiar culture and customs which are to be respected by all as stated in the UN fundamentals rights page. We should allow countries who wish to promote gay and lesbian marriages do so to detriment of their countries’ future, whiles countries who shun the practice of same sex relationships do so to safeguard their countries’ future existence. There is no need for pressure on all nations to legalize homosexuality. The promulgation of homosexual rights are hampering the efforts of promoting child rights as in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) or the Geneva Declaration of the Right of the Child, including all efforts that are being made to improve child birth, reduce child and maternal death rate.

More importantly, the promotion of sustainable development is a top priority for human society today. According to the UN SDGs goal 11 by 2030, “the future we want include cities and communities of opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more” and goal 4 put emphasis on the need to promote accessible, quality, and universal basic, secondary and technical education for all children devoid of any form of inequality and discrimination. Sustainability looks at the future and the future of society lies on birth of children. Simply put, ‘no child no future, no future no sustainability’.

Unfortunately, the proponents of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the same who are campaigning for homosexuality. The future belongs to who? Homosexuals or children? Certainly, the advocates of this act of homosexuality do not consider the repercussions of the future existence of the world, how much more SDGs. The act of homosexuality is tantamount to erasing the entire human generation in the universe. It is heinous and unacceptable in any right-path human society. Frankly speaking, homosexuality and lesbian relationships pose more threat to human rights than violent conflicts. The act of homosexuality is cruel than terrorism, it is more deadly than suicide bombing and more damaging than volcanic eruption.

However, homosexuals are humans and deserve to enjoy their rights as humans including freedom to choice relationship partner, freedom of association, and free from torture. The fact that one must enjoy rights should not guarantee societal rots. If homosexuals have rights, then armed robbers, rebels, suicide bombers, and many other negative groups equally have rights such as freedom of association. One Ghanaian poet popularly known as ‘Gombila the Poet’ once said, “I love homosexuals but I hate homosexuality’. The negative impact of homosexuality is irreversible and irreparable. It decays the human body; erase societal conscience and morality, a threat to fundamental human rights of children and those yet to be born, and a hindrance to sustainable development efforts. The act of homosexuality should have no place in civilized society and must be condemned in totality.

Abu Ibrahim Azebre
Economics Tutor
Fumbisi SHS, UER.

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