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04.07.2005 General News

Hotel Kufuor: Komla Dumor Talks to Saoud


Businessman Anthony Saoud talks to Komla Dumor about the role that Giselle Yajzi played in the negotiations for "Hotel Kufuor". Komla: What make you think she was not serious? Saoud: The lady did all the talking and I said I don't want to hear talks. I told my son in law that I want to see somebody serious with money.

She said she has got money from Spanish government to build a charitable hospital in Ghana and she said she has got $ 2 million grant.

Then I looked at my son in law and said, ah! Does she think I want to sell my hotel for $ 2million? Not even half of what I have asked for. Komla: Who is this lady and whom was she representing? Saoud: From what I know, I had doubts that she is serious about the hotel so I lost interest. She upset me. She said she was a Spanish investor. Komla: Did she ever suggest that if you don't sell, then maybe some arm-twisting from some other place might influence you to sell? Saoud: Even if she had told me this I wouldn't have believed her because nobody can twist my arm. If she had told me this I would have been angrier. My son engaged in the negotiations told me that there was some consortium… Komla: How was the payment made? Saoud: Payment was made in two installments, one I do not know which one was the first, but one was $1.5m and the other was $2m. Komla: So the transaction has been completed. Then there is this controversy from where you stand; you don't have anything to do with the controversy because you are just a businessman who sold the hotel? Saoud: sure that is right, I don't have anything to do with the controversy, I have been paid my due. The onus doesn't lie on me anymore.