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29.06.2005 CPP News

PNC/CPP Must Merge Before January 2006

By CPP UK & Ireland Branch
Listen to article form Government in January 2009. June 2005 marked the 56th Anniversary of the founding of the Convention People's Party (CPP).

Fifty-six (56) years since the flame of hope was lit on the African continent not just for the then Gold Coast, Trans-Volta Togoland, the Ashanti Protectorate and the Northern Territories, but for the Black race as a whole, the CPP led by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah emerged to lead the anti-colonial struggle of liberation, unity and development of Ghana and Africa.

The CPP always had a clear ideological vision and progressive programme to reconstruct Ghana, within a liberated, united and democratic Africa, into a vibrant economic power, that Malaysia represents today.

Successive governments since the 24th February 1966 overthrow of the CPP government of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah have singularly and spectacularly failed to provide the same vision and programme directed towards improving the living standards and cultural and spiritual needs of our beloved people.

Today Ghana stands at a decisive crossroad; a crossroad which our motherland has been taken by the foreign-controlled negative policy failings in all our national life under the political governance of the conservative New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the liberal National Democratic Congress (NDC) before it.

The government of the conservative NPP has manifestly failed to deliver on its numerous electoral popular promises except for the privileged few in Ghana. The standard of living of the lower majority of Ghanaians has worsened since the NPP formed a conservative government; and this conservative party has no progressive plans for our beloved nation Ghana. As property-owning democrats, who they have consistently told us they are, they are primarily preoccupied with their own private property ownership and not the popular welfare. In line with their conservative philosophy that caters only for a private privileged few, billions of cedis has been spent on Ministerial Cars, billions of cedis acquired corruptly through questionable procurement practices, free fuel continues to be enjoyed by national and regional Ministers and the President has spent billions junketing round the globe like a tourist. They however ask the lower majority of Ghanaians to tighten their belts further, be patient and to hope against hope for a better Ghana.

The conservative NPP came to power on the back of public disenchantment with liberal economic mismanagement, corruption and political misrule that was the defining characteristic and hallmark of the liberal NDC and its militaristic, unconstitutional, dictatorial and undemocratic predecessor, the Provisional National Defence council (PNDC). Today, the liberal NDC who have told us that their philosophy is social democracy have lost all credibility whatsoever and will never again be returned to office by Ghanaians through the ballot box. The lower majority of Ghanaians simply do not find the NDC a credible party.

Therefore, the central crossroad question today is this: should Ghana continue to follow the same failed foreign-dictated path of the conservative-liberal NPP/NDC under whom the economy of Ghana and the political policy of the Ghanaian State has been, and continues to be, externally controlled, or are Nkrumaists going to present to Ghana and the lower majority of our people a clear alternative progressive consensus of a united PNC-CPP Nkrumaist Party based on the humanistic aims and popular objectives of progressivism?

Evidence on the ground demonstrates conclusively that Ghanaians are yearning for liberation from the Liberal-Conservative NDC-NPP, are yearning for a united nation without ethnic divisions and are yearning for a country that is developing progressively. Ghanaians are looking up to a united Nkrumaist Party for the only progressive, credible and durable alternative. Progressives are thus presented with a golden opportunity, rare in history and fatal to let slip, to recapture political power and transform the fortunes of all Ghanaians by setting aside silly distractive arguments over names, symbols, slogans and historical sentimentality. Taking the popular opportunities opened up by the inevitable failings of the conservative-liberal NPP-NDC would however require certain bold strategic initiatives by the PNC/CPP for a united progressive activism that infuses Nkrumaism with new blood and brings it to life once again.

The CPP UK and Ireland therefore calls on the national leadership and membership of both the CPP and the PNC to move rapidly to merge and cement Nkrumaist unity once and for all before 1st January 2006. The new united Nkrumaist Party must directly re-organise its popular structures, popular programmes and progressive ideas and policies as well as its human and material resources to begin a national popular campaign to win office in December 2008 and form a progressive government in January 2009.

There is still a need to transform and industrialise Ghana's agricultural-based economy and to create new institutions and corporations in areas like housing, construction, shipping, road transport, fishing and agriculture, to provide work and the conditions of happiness for all Ghanaians.

Any person or groups of persons in Ghana today, whoever he or she may be, who will stand in the way of this most noble cause in the name of history rather than focusing on the glorious future, who for whatever reason is opposed to unity, will not be forgiven, by the lower majority of Ghanaians yearning for a progressive CPP government, by the Black peoples of the world and by progressive Nkrumaists.

International Nkrumaists across the globe, our friends and sympathisers in Europe and the United States of America amongst others, in the light of the African Identity, in the love of the African Brotherhood, in the self-determination of the African Personality and in the plan and power of the African Social and Economic Reconstruction, wish such unity well in the full knowledge that it is only a national united Nkrumaist front that can turn the tide for progressivism, the Nkrumaist parties and for Ghana.

Forward Ever to PNC/CPP Unity, Down with Disunity, Long Live Nkrumaist Unity, Long Live the New and Greater CPP

Signed: Kwami Agbodza, Regional Secretary, CPP UK & Ireland Branch [email protected]

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