21.05.2005 Regional News

Reconcile the leaders but be cautious - Rev. Brown

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Tamale, May 21, GNA - The Right Rev. Joseph Atto Brown, Bishop of the Northern Ghana Diocese of the Methodist Church, has said that the relationship between the former president and the current president does not give the nation any bright future. He said reconciling the two leaders would therefore be in the supreme interest of the country.

Right Rev. Brown was speaking to the GNA in an interview on Saturday, during the 10th Annual General Conference of the Northern Ghana Diocesan Association of the Methodist Men's Fellowship in Tamale. The conference was on the theme: "The Whole Church in Northern Ghana Takes the Gospel to the Whole World: The Role of the Men's Fellowship". Right Rev. Brown said current efforts to reconcile former president Rawlings and President Kufuor was very necessary but warned that leaders, who were spearheading the move should be cautious in order not to foment any misunderstanding.

He said if the two leaders were willing to accept their mistakes, they could share their experiences to advance the development of the country. Right Rev. Brown noted that the conflicts that keep rising up in the northern parts of the country should serve as a wake-up call to Christians, that all was not well.

He charged the men's fellowship to exhibit traits of Christ and urged all Christians to ensure that peace prevails throughout the country, adding, "the Christian community should exercise genuine compassion towards souls that are perishing" Brother Sampson Akurugu, the lay chairman of the Northern Ghana Diocese said one of the aims of the church in the region was to increase its numerical strength and take part in income generating activities to help the underprivileged.

He Advised the Men's Fellowship to work very hard so that the entire country would benefit from the Methodist Church.

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