One For Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong, The Fire Eater

Feature Article Kennedy Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

Dear Ken,
We have met on three occasions but on all these occasions I never bothered to introduce myself to you because I also spit fire. If nobody admires you in Ghana, I do. Since you zoomed into the political arena in this dear country of ours, I have taken time to listen to you and have come to realize that if we have ten persons of your type in this country, things can easily be turned around.

When cowards take you on unduly simply because you say it as it is, I see them as people who do not reason at all. They have refused to think that we have some people who are not prone to panegyrics and neither do they suffer fools so gladly. You are such a person who will call evil by its name wherever it is camped. I must admit that of all the people who played different roles to bring the NPP to power, your name will be written in gold when the history of election 2016 is written. You did and continue to do so many things at your peril because you hate injustice. We have rich men who have made it in life but have decided to mind their own business while you continue to put your nose on the grindstone for the sake of the silent majority who are being shortchanged on daily basis. That to me is a mark of a brave man. When people decide to stay in their shells and shiver, you go out there shouting and calling for justice.

Dear Ken, I always understand you anytime you kick against corruption and malfeasance because you have invested so much in the economy. Indeed you are not the only businessman who have invested huge sums of money in the country but in your case, you use part of the profit you earn on your investment to help the needy. As a philanthropist you understand that if you earn more you can help more needy people. I learnt you pay the school fees of a large number of university students both in your constituency and other areas. That is good and the good old Lord of Israel will bless you hugely.

Yours sincerely do not know how you manage to get your information but I must confess that you marvel everyone anytime you make your revelations. Take the issue of Dr. Opuni of the COCOBOD for example. You told Ghanaians that there was rot at the place and that if the NPP came to power heads would roll. You mentioned that Dr. Opuni's hands are tainted with rot and that he could run for now but nemesis will surely catch up with him. Barely two or three days after coming to power, Dr. Opuni is being investigated by the EOCO. You always hit first and hit so hard that your opponent will not rise. If you had kept silent, Dr. Opuni would have retired with all his benefits after skinning the fat cow.

Ken, what you don't know is that, you don't know yourself and how people admire you. Majority of Ghanaians pin their hopes on your bravery and your boldness in taking on even members of your own political party. Few politicians have the courage to do so. I now understand why you have declined to take up any job as a minister from the Kufuor era to date. Ghanaians need you to do what you are doing more than anything else. I know you have so much under your sleeve to tell Ghanaians as far as corruption in the former NDC regime is concerned but please take time to release them one after the other. If you release them rapidly some guys may slip through the net and run into exile.

When Mr. John Mahama was in power as the president of Ghana, his brother Mr. Ibrahim felt the world was on his shoulders. He landed many juicy contracts and felt he could turn the country into a monarchy. The man strutted the land like Colossus. The man was feared by anyone who came into contact with him and displayed wealth to the anger of the common man on the street who could not make ends meet. If a single person could collapse a bank owned by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, you can imagine his power and authority. My dear Akompreko, you told the world on Adom TV hosted by Omanhene Kwabena Asante that you will make sure Mr. Ibrahim Mahama faced the law over a dud cheque he issued to the Ghana Revenue Service.

Some of us thought you were blowing your horns. On that day, you donned your armor of confrontational discourse, brash and abrasive in tone, scathing and caustic in taste and sworn to the high heavens that if you failed in your bid to see to it that Ibrahim Mahama faced the law you will kill yourself. The following day I heard Kwaku Boahen, one of the NDC braggarts speaking on the same network and boasting that nobody could do Mr. Mahama anything and that you, Kennedy Agyapong was just merely letting loose your mischievous self, vitiating the niceties of political etiquette. He even went further to say you are full of jealousy because Ibrahim Mahama is richer than you. That to me is balderdash because everybody knows you were just exposing corruption which has sent the country backwards. When I heard that the EOCO people have invited Mr. Ibrahim Mahama and seized his passport over the issue, I knew the wind has started blowing and soon famine will come to the land of Egypt. The days of reckoning have come and the chips will start falling.

I have had cause to write in this column on several occasions that a Pharaoh may come to Egypt who may not know Joseph. Mr. Ibrahim Mahama rode roughshod when his brother was in power but when the pendulum started swinging left he has found himself in hot waters. The buck must not stop at the doorsteps of Mr. Ibrahim. All those who took part in the loot should be exposed. A crusader like Kennedy Agyapong needs more information in order for him to expose wrong doers and people should volunteer to give him more information. Kennedy should turn his searchlight on the MMDCEs who milked the nation and awarded contracts to themselves.

Ken, I implore you to avoid people like Kwaku Boahen because they are vexation to the spirit. Such people do not read and neither do they move in sympathy with the good people of Ghana who suffered under the John Mahama-led regime because they had their fair share of the booty. But you know what, Ken? Not reading makes one stupid and often brutal. People like Kwaku Boahen should be treated with ordinary contempt because they do not make sense anytime they appear on the screens of televisions.

Ken, you see, what you are doing for Ghanaians will not be recognized for now but posterity will surely write your name in gold. Imagine one businessman issuing 44 dud cheques to the GRA and still walking tall! And when he was asked to cough out GH¢12.7 million, NDC mad dogs are barking. Rich men and women in Ghana may see this sum as paltry but to some of us who are salary earners this amount is so whopping that we cannot even imagine what we can do with the money if we happen to tumble upon it. I can bet with my last Kufuor Dollar that if the NDC were in power, this money would have gone down the drain. Who knows how much has been hidden from our view when the NDC was in power.

People say you are a firebrand politician but I see you as a fire eater. You always dare the devil and dangle your sword, waiting for anyone who will dare you. If it were in other jurisdictions you would have been given state protection because as a self-appointed crusader, exposing criminals, your life is in danger. But what I have come to realize in this world is that when you fight for the downtrodden, the mighty hand of God is always your guard. Continue to chase these nation wreckers from place to place until there is no place for them to hide neither time for them to rest. Do not rest, do not falter and do not look back because greater number of Ghanaians are solidly behind you. Prove to the NDC appointees who robbed the state kitty that one man can make a difference.

In conclusion, Ken, I want to seek God's guidance and blessings for you. May He who raised His mighty hands to bring victory to Gideon continue to shower His blessings on you and give you longer life to continue to fight for the poor people of Ghana.

Yours Sincerely,
Earth Angel Gabriel, the senior messenger of God.
Eric Bawah