Report about non-payment of GHS550 NSS allowance inaccurate - NSS boss

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General News Report about non-payment of GHS550 NSS allowance inaccurate - NSS boss
MAR 16, 2017 LISTEN

The Acting Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has dismissed reports that the Scheme says it is unable to pay the increased personnel allowance of GHC550.

Mustapha Ussif in a statement Thursday expressed disappointment with "media report purporting to quote me yet still impute to a statement I made."

"I have noticed with disappointment a media report purporting to quote me yet still impute [wrong] meaning to a statement I made whiles meeting with a delegation from Uganda that visited to understudy Youth development and voluntarism in Ghana.

"It is attributed to me that 'NSS cannot pay GHS550 as announced by the previous government".

"Let me categorically state that the reports are absolutely false.

"In response to a question about the anticipated "NSS allowance" increment, I indicated as follows:

"1. that although the previous government announced the intended increment of "NSS allowance", they failed to make a budgetary allocation in the first quarter, 2017 budget submitted to Parliament.

"2. that, as part of the actual 2017 budget, the NSS made submissions to the Finance Ministry for consideration; and that, until Parliament 'appropriates' to legitimise expenditure, nothing contained in the proposed NSS budget would be realised.

"3. Moreover, the NSS is scheduled to meet with the relevant Parliamentary Select Committee to justify the essentials of its budget so submitted, and until such happens, no assurances in respect of "NSS allowance" increment could be made. This position was corroborated by my Deputy, who was present at the event.

"It thus defies logic that a media house would impute to me comments I made not.

"To all National Service Personnel, I pledge absolute commitment to the pursuit of your welfare and interest.

I admonish that you ignore whatever publication churned out, that sought to suffocate your passion in service unto our dear country Ghana.

"Until authoritatively communicated by the National Service Secretariat (NSS), please ignore all comments about your "allowance" increment.

"God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong."

Hon Mustapha Ussif
(Ag. Executive Director,
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