06.04.2005 General News

Ejisuhene made to slaughter four sheep

By Chronicle
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Manhyia Palace, Kumasi, April 04 (Chronicle) -- THE KUMASI Traditional Council (KTC) sitting last Thursday, scolded the Ejisuhene Nana Aboagye Agyei II for disregarding customary practice.

He is said to have gone contrary to the norms and traditions of Asanteman in failing to brief the Asantehene on an incident at Juaben a fortnight ago.

Members of the Council took turns to condemn the actions and inactions of the Ejisuhene and suggested that he be punished for his insubordination.

Consequently, the KTC, by consensus, made Nana Aboagye Agyei slaughter eight sheep, which fine was later reduced to four sheep upon much pleading.

Nana Aboagye Agyei's show of arrogance came to the fore when the House asked him to brief it on the recent rampage caused by the youth of Asotwe to the people of Juaben at the time the Ashanti regional Minister, S.K. Boafo, leading the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), had called on the Asantehene.

Two weeks ago, the youth of Asotwe, claiming ownership of the land on which the Juaben Oil Palm Plantain is cultivated, went on a rampage and violently attacked the people of Juaben.

In the course of the rampage, some people were injured while 40 acres of palms were destroyed.

About 40 of the rioting youth are in police custody, pending further investigations. It is even reported that one of the arrested persons died in police cells.

Nana Aboagye Agyei II said since the incidence, he had visited the Asotwe chief and also gone to the police to acquaint himself with the problem. He said also that he had asked that those arrested in connection with the rampage be granted conditional bail.

Nevertheless, his failure to give straight answers to questions posed, angered the Asantehene who cautioned him more than once to be careful and not joke with the House.

Asked if he had called on the Juabenhene to ascertain the cause of the rampage or informed the Asantehene on the incident, he tried to dodge the question until he was prompted to give apt answers.

Finally, he admitted that he had not met with the chief of Juaben, neither had he informed the Asantehene about it and explained that he had wanted to obtain more facts before acting.

Briefing the House, the Juabenhene, Nana Otuo Siriboe II claimed that the land in dispute belongs to Juaben and not Asotwe and that all available documents point to that.

He said out of the 300 acres of cultivated palm trees, the youth of Asotwe had destroyed 40 acres.

Otumfuo charged the chiefs to always endeavour to comply with the rules and regulations of the Council, warning that no chief could act to please himself.

“All of you gathered here represent me and serve under me,” Otumfuo reminded them and said no chief dared change the time-tested norms and customs of Asanteman.

He said no chief could use any law to change the norms and customs of Asanteman and dared any chief who could not comply with them to quit. “ If you feel you cannot comply, just leave the stool and go,” he challenged the chiefs.

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