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A Letter To My Friend

A Letter To My Friend

When I saw you
I found my fellow kinkajou
With time our thoughts got closely connected
As your capacity for logic was unlimited
Our friendship flourished like mulberries
As we shared our past stories
The moments burnt briefer
As we held unique inspiration for each other
When our pleasures got intense
Our sufferings became less immense
There was no degree of pain
As we made each other's burden feel like drops of grain

Distance couldn't separate our friendship
With you I felt kingship
Assuming the role of a flack
I chose your clothing off the rack
As the sun stood high to dazzle
We were the perfect puzzle
Like a smashed bottle of coke
Our puzzle just broke
There were no quarrels
Suddenly harmony turned ruffles
Like a short film class I saw our memories vignetting

With your pieces reconnecting
I lost you somewhere
As you found solace elsewhere
My pieces were left fractured
Like a wounded fox
Alone in their box
I still can't close the cover to our puzzle box

You will forever be my wizard of Oz
Like a luxury travel
I miss you
Like a nice Car
I miss you
Like fashionable clothes
I miss you
Like sports championship
I miss you
Like a foreign language
I miss you
Remember for your every tear
I will always be here
To carry one pain we both will share Always know I will never disappear

With you my life is clear
Like hot lemon and honey
Our friendship is a journey
It starts at forever
And ends at never.
Written by :
Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh

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