31.03.2005 Regional News

REGSEC orders Adohole Family not to go ahead with installation

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Sekondi, March 31, GNA - The Western Regional Security Council (REGSEC) on Thursday ordered the Adohole Family of Bonyere not to install Nana Kabenla Ekumsa V and Nana Ahu II as the chief and queen mother respectively of the area on April 2.

Mr Joseph Boahen, Western Regional Minister, announced the order at a press conference at Sekondi.

The Regional Minister, who is the Chairman of REGSEC, said the installation could increase tension between supporters of Adohole and Mafole families who are both claiming the right to the Bonyere stool. Mr Aidoo said this could result in breach of the peace, public disturbance and destruction of life and property.

''It seems the Adohole Family wants to perform the installation because it has turned down an invitation to meet REGSEC to discuss the matter and find amicable solution to the dispute.''

He said the REGSEC would hold the Nana Ekumsa and Nana Ahu responsible for any breach of peace at Bonyere if their installation takes place.

Mr Aidoo said the REGSEC would put in place security measures to ensure that the relative peace prevailing in the area is maintained. He said the two families claim the courts have ruled in their favour so the matter has been referred to the Attorney General's office for clarification.

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