Chrisjoe Energy to transform energy crisis in Ghana

01.10.2016 LISTEN

By Caroline Pomeyie, GNA
Accra, Oct. 1, GNA - David Olowoloba, Managing Director of CHRISJOE Energy, says biomass power solution is one of the best means to transform energy crisis in Africa.

He said biomass energy is produced by using feedstock derived from wood waste, palm kernel, coffee granule, maize curb, coconut, rice husk and other raw materials.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency in Accra, he said: 'CHRISJOE Energy Company's goal is to add sustainable energy solution to reduce the energy deficit we have in Ghana.

'Unlike other energy producing companies, we are harnessing the power generating from the biomass and waste.

'There are massive amount of wood waste for an example left in the forestry after the useful wood is removed for the furniture industry. We use multi-wastes as our feedstock to produce power and heat in our cogeneration units.'

He noted that unlike other power generation mechanisms that degrade or pollute the environment biomass actually adds to the environment.

He added: 'Sustainability is a major passion for us. We do not want to take away from the environment. We are environmentally conscious so we look for things we can use around us that are waste, upcycle it into useful commodity.

'When we combust our feedstock in our cogeneration unit, a by-product is produced called biochar (ash), rich in carbon. This is growth agent for plants, it works like a fertilizer to increase crops yield.

'This is one benefit that no other renewable energy producer can give. We are not only zero carbon emission company but we've coined a term internally called 'negative carbon emission'.'

He encouraged manufacturing companies, real estates, hotels, commercial farmers, industries to get on board.

He explained: 'We prepare this feedstock on ground, localise it, or bring it to the customer's facility. We are working with bespoke financial houses and commercial banks to support our clients.'

Mr Olowoloba revealed that CHRISJOE Energy would kick off its operations in Ghana within the coming months as it works with off-takers and local suppliers for relevant feedstock raw material required.

'We are providing a clean, competitive, affordable, available and sustainable solution to the relevant off-takers and we invite all companies to get on board.'

CHRISJOE Energy, is a London, UK based clean technology company that has industrialised the process of up-cycling locally sourced multi-wastes feedstocks into useful advanced fuel for zero emission power and heat generation.


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