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14.02.2005 General News

Today is Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day
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Youth confused about Valentine's DayA chunk of the youth in the Accra Metropolis is completely dazed about the rational behind the Valentine's Day celebration. The celebration has clearly switched from its original focus of showing love towards cronies and other relations to a blatant display of promiscuous behaviours. This development came to bear when the Ghana News Agency news team hit the street of Accra to access the Valentine fervour prior to the Day around the capital city. The immediate picture that caught the attention of by-passers was the usual display of Valentine paraphernalia by businesses at every nook and cranny meant to wish clients blissful celebration. Most of the people the GNA interacted with showed high sense of preparedness towards the Day with various gift items bought for love ones. Some also did not understand the exact motive behind the celebration but were just moved into it for the fun associated with it. All that they are poised to achieve is to ensure that they grab any damsel before or on the very day to hang around with. Their anticipation is high with the outmost desire to consummate whatever catch they make to satisfy their sexual desires. In the aftermath of last year's celebration, it was observed that condoms were common site at every nightclubs and other drinking bars around town. Taxi drivers who usually transport most people during the night were not left out of the interaction, they indicated that one would have to run throughout the night because of increase in the demand of their services. One Taxi driver who gave his name as Yaw Ansah said the real game begins right in the cab saying the "fondling and intense caressing is just outrageous". He said the youth who were always found at the centre of the celebration put up bizarre sexual behaviours on board the taxis before they got to their destinations. Prof. Amoah Sakyi, Director General, Ghana Aids Commision, when contacted described the odd experiences during Valentine's Day as pathetic.
He said the sale of condoms reached its peak and the level of promiscuity among the youth was absurd. Prof. Sakyi said there was no shred of doubt that the spread of HIV/AIDS assumed serious proportion that had the likelihood to endanger the lives the of the youth.

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