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30.05.2016 Feature Article

Pray For Opportunities But Prey On The Moment

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Interestingly, you expect the world would come to a standstill because you feel marginalised. So you have long expected a committee on sympathy be launched at your behest. The system has screwed you and many others up and so you think it's high time you fought the world's selective justice. People are fighting special battles and still succeeding.

Haben Girma is less privileged than you and I. She can neither see nor hear. Albeit this circumstance, she has risen through a needle's eye to become the first Harvard trained blind-deaf lawyer. You may think she had a longitudinal and latitudinal position to her advantage. It is a weak-spirited notion. The U.S. records high cases of sane privileged people committing suicides without recourse to logical interpretation. There are many of her kind who'd cringe and resort to sympathetic ambience.

You have eyes to choose from numerous opportunities. You can equally eavesdrop people's conversations to know about opportunities. In fact, the opportunities that stare at you in the face outnumber those that sting you. Your problem is not about scarcity or location (Ghana). It is a poor arithmetic of primitive acceptance.

In this life, the only tool a man needs to succeed is what he has in hand but not what he prays for. If it's not within reach, it means it's simply not needed for you mission. Life is such that all you have is all you need to attain all that you yearn for. If breath is your only tool, be poised to climb greater heights. Life is beautiful, don't waste the best years of your life praying for opportunities which may never show up whereas there is a moment to prey on.

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Felix Kwaku-Dua
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