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31.12.2004 Politics

Solidarity Congratulations from the NkrumaistForum

By NkrumaistForum
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The NkrumaistForum congratulates all Nkrumaist forces in Ghana for their efforts in the last general elections, and for keeping afloat the foundations for Nkrumaist influence in daily discourse and policies in Ghana. We particularly thank all the ordinary voters who kept faith with and voted for the Nkrumaist parties in spite of the divisions and great odds against them. Their principled faith in the Nkrumaist agenda shall not be in vain.

We of the NkrumaistForum pride ourselves in being part of the efforts of the Nkrumaist parties in the last elections, through our financial sponsorship of a handful of candidates from our Unity Fund project, which has the aim of sponsoring single Nkrumaist candidates in some constituencies. We feel the election results have clearly vindicated our stance, and there is no question about the need to unite now under a single Nkrumaist emblem, flag and party. It is folly not to have realised this by now, and it will be an unpardonable act of sabotage for anyone to stand in the path of unity in the future.

We accordingly welcome statements from some Nkrumaist [party] leaders to call a conference to iron out the future of Nkrumaism in Ghana. For our part, we continue in the vein of our Unity Fund project. We would resource to meet future unity projects.

In the new year, we are committed to sponsoring a Unity/Constitutional conference/s of all Nkrumaist parties and movements in Ghana to facilitate the post election organisation and unity of the Nkrumaist family. We hope this shall be received in good faith and embraced by not only the faithful masses but also the leadership of the Nkrumaist parties at home and abroad. Splintered we shall continue to fall and go into oblivion, united we shall stand and triumph.

Our website comes on board soon. The soon to be formed Unity Committee would welcome any suggestions toward the Unity conference in 2005.

Forward Ever! Backward Never!

On behalf of the NkrumaistForum.

Chair Nii Armah Kweifio-Okai, Australia [email protected]

Secretary Andy Kwawukume, UK [email protected]

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