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27.10.2004 General News

Kufuor Insults Rawlings

By Lens
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Accra, Oct 26, Lens -- Mr. J. A. Kufuor was at his insulting worst last Saturday when he took his turn to address NPP faithfuls at the launch of his party's campaign, describing President Rawlings as "That Something" and "evil", clearly sending a signal to his party followers that his campaign strategy is one of insults and not the articulation of issues.

Obviously unable to find anything derogatory to say about Prof. Mills, Mr. Kufuor descended into the gutter and resorted to the use of that cheap and discredited propaganda that the NPP used in 2000 that Prof. Mills had said that he would consult President Rawlings twenty four-hours a day, saying, "something like that you want to consult him? Let's forget him, he does not know what he is talking about."

This was after he had launched a blistering attack on President Rawlings describing him and his regimes as evil.

Mr. Kufuor's dishonesty and deviousness were self-evident as he deliberately quoted President Rawlings out of context as having said that he does not fear God; upon that wicked and malicious misrepresentation of what President Rawlings said, Mr. Kufuor then proceeded to pronounce judgement on him as being evil.

It would be recalled that sometime ago President Rawlings, speaking on his personal relationship with God, said "I don't fear God, I love God", and went on to explain that as God is a God of love, anyone who is truly Godly need not be in fear of Him, but would have a relationship based on love and truth with God.

This statement has since been maliciously truncated by Mr. Kufuor and his cohorts and they always refer to the first part of the statement without referring to the remaining parts, in their attempt to build up hatred and scorn in the people of this country against President Rawlings. Yet these are people who spent huge amounts of the taxpayers' money in an exercise to find the Truth and thus reconcile the country.

Mr. Kufuor's cowardice and his personal hatred for President Rawlings shone through all the vitriolic verbal assault on President Rawlings, as he lacked the courage to even once refer to President Rawlings by name.

Stay tuned-you have not heard the last from the Lens on this issue. He who sows the wind is asking for a whirlwind in return.

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