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07.09.2015 Opinion

Celebrating Dr. Myles Munroe; A Model Of Leadership

Celebrating Dr. Myles Munroe; A Model Of Leadership
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Planet earth was blessed to have an incomparable leader like Dr. Myles Munroe who died in a plane crash on November 9 last year together with his dear wife and eight others in the Bahamas. Reports indicated that the private jet he and others were on board crashed into a construction crane at a shipyard near Grand Bahamas International Airport.

Oh the world has indeed lost a revered public figure whose knowledge was simply incomprehensible! But the philosophy of this great man still rules despite his physical absence on earth.

You may ask: "what prompted you to write this eulogy at an odd time or period like this?" Well, I recently had a conversation with a senior colleague at school (University of Cape Coast) who held Dr. Myles Munroe's "Understanding Your Potential" book in his hand and made captivating references therein. And I remembered to share with the world the good works of my first-class mentor since he is a model of leadership.

Indeed, he trained leaders in government, religion, business etc. to understand and live the true art of leadership we all misconstrued. Remember that he said: "Leadership is not about control, but service. It's not about power, but empowerment. It's not about manipulation, but inspiration."

So who really was Myles Munroe? Dr. Myles Munroe was a globally acclaimed motivational speaker, best-selling author, renowned pastor and international consultant from the Bahamas. He founded and once headed the Bahamas Faith Ministries which follow the Kingdom Principles as taught by their beloved man of God. And I kindly recommend "Rediscovering The Kingdom" to everyone especially Christians. Also, he was awarded with Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth || - the Queen of England's Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1998 for his social, spiritual and religious services to the Bahamas.

Again, Dr. Myles Munroe taught the unthinkable concerning life, the Kingdom and leadership which had far-reaching impact on millions of lives worldwide. Do you remember: "The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose;" which is his most famous quote? Moreover, he propagated the Biblical reality of the Kingdom of God in his teachings about the Kingdom Principles that: "Christianity is not a religion, but a Kingdom (the Kingdom of God)." Lastly, Dr. Myles Munroe has left a huge vacuum on earth which I (Sir Article) challenge myself to fill!

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