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13.04.2015 Travel & Tourism

Travel Africa Story Launches In South Africa, Nigeria

By Media Exposure
Travel Africa Story Launches In South Africa, Nigeria
LISTEN APR 13, 2015

Travel Africa Story has launched its online portal in two leading African countries, South Africa and Nigeria. Given the rich culture and tradition of these countries, Travel Africa Story aims to sell the tourism, travel adventures, culture, food and destination potential of South Africa and Nigeria to the rest of the world.

The website will also share photo stories from travellers around the world, promote the richness of African tourism and national events with huge significance locally and internationally. Landmark, historical places and geographical dynamism is also on the menu.

Travel Africa Story aims to rewrite tourism and promote African culture within Africa and the rest of the world. It will promote businesses particularly in the hospitality sector in African countries.

If you need to see Africa, it will be through the online portal selling Africa to the rest of the world, showcasing the known and unknown of African heritage to the rest of the world and becoming the face of African tourism.

The birth of the travel website is to promote the culture of travelling and also tell our own stories the way we see from our different destinations.

To share your travel stories and photos, send a mail to [email protected] / [email protected]

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