Let’s Deal With Armed Attacks On High Profile Persons In Ghana

Feature Article Let’s Deal With Armed Attacks On High Profile Persons In Ghana

The attack on Rahim Ayew the Asante Kotoko midfielder in his East Legon home leading to his being shot in the arm by armed robbers is sad news indeed. Like all residents in the area who were also attacked he never dreamt of the sad turn of event for as a footballer he felt that only good friends who admire him will call at his home.

Fortunately the hooded armed robbers who attempted to rob the footballer of his properties were chased out of the crime scene when alarm was raised leading to the discovery of the items they stole from his home in their car. Fortunately Rahim Ayew is receiving treatment while the police have intensified their investigations on the matter. It is our prayer that those involved would apprehend and punished accordingly. Rahim Ayew must be commended because if not for the bravery displayed by him the robbers could have killed him and got away with their booty.

This is not the first armed attack on high profile personalities in Ghana. There are reports of armed robbers waylaying wealthy people and those high profile persons such as Clement Apark of the flagstaff house and Mr. Kan Dapaah former chairman of the public accounts committee of parliament in their homes at gun point. Apart from robbing people of their cars at gun point the robbers have now turned their attention to tourists and foreign students some of who are being attacked in their hostels leading to the death of one of them, a Nigerian student at the Accra new town. The police have often promised to deal with the menace of armed robbery.

We have no doubt in the ability of the police to do their job however the increase in the robbery cases seems to suggest the need for our law enforcement agencies to do more. We do not support the police to allow every individual to own their own guns to be able to defense themselves when attacked as being suggested by some people. This may be good for those trained to use guns properly at the right times but chances are that the guns can be misused by their owners or their wives and children by turning them against wrong people.

Apart from embarking on patrol duties and guarding high profile personalities one good and useful exercise the police can improve upon is the community policing duties involving youth and elders of all communities. If the police are found to relax this program the youth groups in all communities especially the newly established quiet areas in the cities and towns must meet the police in their areas to discuss how to embark on the voluntary policing work.

Apart from community guard duties a few of them could provide voluntary intelligence duties to fish out dubious people in their communities who have the potential to rob innocent tourists and rich people in the society. To encourage these volunteers the police should provide them incentives to get them to sacrifice their time for their communities. this is likely to improve on the relative peace Ghana is enjoying and to encourage many investors , foreign students, tourists and rich Ghanaians and footballers to enjoy their stay in Ghana

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