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Ghana Needs An Unquenchable Spirit Of Patriotism And Nationalism From The Youth

Ghana Needs An Unquenchable  Spirit Of Patriotism And Nationalism From The Youth
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Many are of the view that we as Ghanaians have virtually lost patriotism and nationalism and thus precisely on the part of the youth in our country and continent, We are being told in all corners of our nation that the youth cares more now about themselves than for their own country, but I believe that, we lack patriotic youth in this country just because we, the youth are far ignorant of the history of our continent. We are ignorant of the suffering and the hardship our forefathers had to go through to preserve and protect this country and largely to attain political independence for us; We are ignorant of all the sacrifices made by our forefathers for the benefit of these current generations.

I am neither a clairvoyant nor a soothsayer but in unequivocal terms, I can say without any modicum of doubt that if we don't change our mindset and mentality toward this nation then we should prepare ourselves for chaos and mayhem in the not too long a year to come.

Serving Our Continent and Nation selflessly should be the greatest goal and objective of every single Ghanaian. We should always put Africa and Ghana first.

We need to learn from our past leaders, their mistakes, their successes, their ideologies ,their principles, their courage, strength and weaknesses, their fears and failures and overall their selfless service to humanity and what they stood for since these would go a long way to guide and lead us in our plans to serve this nation.

We need to adopt and put the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in our heart and mind, we need to put our continent first, we need to put Ghana first and we need to put humanity first.

We are one people, with one identity and one goal. We need to work hard for the betterment of human kind, let join hands and uphold the dignity of our continent and country...

Let's support the truth even at the peril of our lives.

Always remember that just as some of our past leaders have demised from this human world, so shall we also live this world to our eternal world.

let eradicate any Satanic And Devilish Voice that WILL BE a Hindrance In all our plans to make this nation a better place , we are a sovereign and independent nation and it should remain as such , we must learn to accept our own people , we must learn to be who we are.

We must learn to be true Ghanaians and serve our nation and humanity selflessly in all areas of our lives.


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