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16.10.1995 Tabloid News

Goat Screams As It Is Raped In Ho

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The new height of depravity Ghanaian men seem to have attained of late, in copulating freely with animals, is not just beginning. The story of a young man living around the Rural Training Centre (RTC), Ho in the Volta Region, who was caught raping a "screaming " goat one hot afternoon.

The rapist, Kasim Ishmael, who is now serving a prison term for stealing a taxi driver's car cassette player was caught sodomising the goat in its pen by a woman in her late 30s. She told the WEEKEND CHRONICLE: 'That day I heard an unusual bleating of the goat. When I looked through my window I saw Kassim in an ecstatic mood enjoying himself as the goat 'screamed.'' Kassim was in a kneeling position, holding tightly to the goat, and devotedly throwing his waist and sweating profusely. He did not know anybody was watching him. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"I called my younger sister(name withheld) to come and see. She couldn't control herself as she burst out into laughter with the full explosion of her heart. 'Kassim immediately let go the goat, dressed up and sped off before a bewildered crowd could engulf the goat pen. When we said it later his parents supported him to deny'. A driver and former employer of Kassim also told the WEEKEND CHRONICLE that 'He was a constant menace to us here until his arrest and consequent imprisonment. He stole my car tape and that of my friend who visited me when I was involved in a lorry accident. I wanted to send him to the police but his parents went to plead with my father to intervene and we settled the matter at home. However, he continued harassing us. I believe he was responsible for the looting of all my wife's cooking utensils from our kitchen.' The driver said further that Kassim used to dress in a black over-all like a policeman on night duty to waylay unsuspecting victims in nooks and corners of the area to extort money from them..'

Kassim's boss added: The last straw that broke the camel's back was when he stole a taxi driver's car tape. He was caught red-handed. He was sent to the police, arraigned before court and jailed. Currently he is on transfer from Ho Prisons to Cape Coast prisons. The WEEKLY SPECTATOR reported two weeks ago that a32-year-old Goaso farmer, Nobert Adaana Kasife, had committed suicide after he was seen raping a sheep. Police source quoted by the paper said Kadife drank Undlin 200, popularly known as DDT, hours after being caught in the act. The WEEKEND CHRONICLE reported early last month the horror in Kumasi where a sheep delivered a lamp with a human face, apparently the result of an indecent act as Kasife's.

Earlier in late July, the WEEKEND CHRONICLE also reported the incident when a Ho lotto forecaster, Ephraim Anku, was caught naked at night in a sheep pen. Miss Janet Dei, a teacher and owner of the sheep, had gone to investigate an unusual bleating of the sheep deep in the night only to find Anku naked among the sheep with his clothes in one corner. About a month earlier the national weekly. The GUIDE reported another case in the same Ho where a man was caught red handed making love to a pig which had been gagged with a piece of cloth. The man who was later given custody of the pig by the awe-struck owner, Mr. Agbesinyele, said he had been unemployed for three years and could not afford a prostitute. .