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May 18, 2014 | Opinion/Feature


Zuberu Aliu

I read Mr. Kofi Opare Hagan's article which was published on the 18th May 18, 2014 on this important medium. Mr. Opare in that article raised a number of issues, some of which I beg to disagree with. I must acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Opare on facebook and other social media as a member of the great elephant family.

Mr. Opare sought to create the impression through a mere assumption. In paragraph one (1) of his article, Mr. Opare's assumption that Alan's desire to contest the forthcoming presidential primaries is a destruction of the NPP can't be the fact. It's good that this is an assumption and not the reality. One may not know the kind of information and perhaps any analysis that Mr. Opare is preview to. However, it's challenging to comprehend why my senior man opted to put this in the public when it could have been address officially to Mr. Alan. The path taken by Opare stands more devastating than Mr. Alan's resolve to deepen democratic practices in the NPP. Again, the article suggests to me that Mr. Opare have doubts about Alan's maturity. But I think the man has seen ages to be able to make decision (good or bad). Alan is not a convenient tool as the article alleges. In every grouping where there are many people with potentials, for whatever reasons the followers may align with the front liners.

It may be assumed, that somehow, Alan had angered some supporters of the NPP. This perception had arisen as a result of his easygoing attitude during the party's battle at the Supreme Court. It's true that some people abandoned their appointments and were part of the team in court. It's also true that Alan pursued his personal trade during this period. But, this move did not in any way suggest that Alan had deserted the NPP. What is important is for the party or any supporter to demand from Alan an explanation for his action.

It's not good to try to subvert the very principle on which the NPP as a party is founded. If the NPP prides itself as the beacon of democracy, it may well be double standards if people are persuaded or compel not to contest. The supporters of the NPP need to put a stop to any public discourse that has the potential to widening the perceived divisions in the party. What value does it have if you decide to paint a fellow party member with mud? Any of the people who have declared their intentions to contest stands the chance of being elected to lead the party in 2016. The danger therein is that, the NPP could be resourcing its opponent (NDC) with propaganda arsenals. What the NPP needs now is not self destruction. Accurate research and teamwork could do the magic for the party in the 2016 general elections.

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