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15.03.2013 Diaspora (USA)

Concerned Ghanaians In USA Petitions Obama Over Ghana's Electoral Dispute

By Concerned Ghanaians for Justice (CGJ)
Concerned Ghanaians In USA Petitions Obama Over Ghana's Electoral Dispute
LISTEN MAR 15, 2013

Dear President Obama,
We the Concerned Ghanaians for Justice (CGJ), residing in the United States of America, are seeking a speedy resolution of the Supreme Court Case brought by the Opposition leader, his running mate and the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to avert any potential conflict in the country.

Most of us are hard working Ghanaians with a lot of investments back home where majority of our families and relatives live. Signals we are picking indicate there is mounting tension in the country due to the incessant delay in adjudicating the case. This has the potential to erode all the gains the country has made over the last two decades and may degenerate if the international community does not play its role to ensure justice is not delayed but is seen to be done and done speedily.

Mr. President, continuous delay of the case in court is not only causing tension but is gradually affecting if not eroding the legitimacy of our current President. We wish this case is decided quickly to allow him to rule in peace if it is determined he won the elections by merit. It will also allow the opposition leader take office on time to serve his mandate if he was to be determined as the winner, or in the third case scenario, the country can go back for a rerun in the event it is a deadlocked and if the court so determines.

The current situation, our research has shown, is affecting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Ghana as confidence by investors is low due to fear of the unknown. It is also our contention that this is affecting the smooth running of the country as the opposition on some occasions challenge the legitimacy of the President. This is currently affecting the productivity of the government.

The Judicial system of the United States is more advanced and can be of help in suggesting ways and means of quickening the process through technology, procedures and capacity building. We therefore suggest your government and good person assist Ghana's Supreme Court in whatever way that they may require.

Secondly, it is our humble plea that you bring your office and person to bear on the parties to the suit to be committed to the process and abide by the outcome of the ruling whether it is in their favor or not.

Thirdly, the Supreme Court of Ghana needs to be urged not to be intimidated by anybody, group of persons or institutions to delay the process or be forced into taking a decision that will be inimical to the peace and stability of Ghana.

In a global world of today, the international community and certainly the United States cannot stay on the fence and assume that Ghana's security or insecurity has no global ramifications.

We therefore pray you to use your good offices and person to ensure that Ghana, Africa's beacon of peace and democracy, does not fall into the abyss of internal strife, conflict and destruction.

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