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26.11.2003 General News

I was prematurely retired from the GAF- Lt-Col Addy

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Lieutenant Colonel Michael Tetteh Addy, former Commanding Officer of the Ghana Military Academy (GMA) on Wednesday testified before the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC), and complained about his premature retirement from the Service in 1983.

He said his petitions to the superiors were to no avail, and he was still wondering why he was retired at the age of 44, when he had at least, more than nine years to serve.

Lt Col Addy said he had some accumulated leave prior to his retirement, which he deferred to assist his two immediate predecessors, but it appeared his leave was rather commuted to retirement.

The Witness, who said he is now a farmer at Kitase, near Aburi, said efforts to find the reason from his Commandant, Group Captain Tamakloe, the Military Secretary, and the Ministry of Defence were to no avail.

Lt Col Addy inferred that his premature retirement might have come as a result of differences he had with Sgt Alolga Akatapore and Brigadier Arnold Quainoo.

Lt Col Addy reminisced that one Lt-Col Tetteh Charway, after leading some soldiers on an exercise at Bundase Military Range reported to him of their discovery of some charred bodies in the range.

The Witness said he advised that a report be made to the Chief Instructor Col George Brocke, and the Provost Marshall after which a report was made to the police.

Lt Col Addy said it turned out that the charred bodies were those of the murdered three high court judges and the retired army officer, and the news of the discovery soon filtered through.

He said after the break of the news Brig Quainoo, then Army Commander decided to hold a durbar at the Teshie Barracks.

He said Sgt. Akata Pore with a team of soldiers soon joined them at the durbar grounds.

Witness said it was apparent that the meeting between the Brg. Quainoo and Sgt Akata Pore was not planned and such a meeting presupposed there was something wrong.

Lt Col Addy said Sgt Akata Pore became furious when he raised an objection when he (Sgt Alolga Akata Pore) suggested a change in the military uniform and the weapons they carried.

Lt Col Addy said Brg. Quainoo also got annoyed when he (Lt Col Addy) asked the reason for the retirement of a number of officers, including commanding officers of the GMA.

He said Brg Quainoo threatened to lock him up if he refused to take up the Military Academy.

Witness said his retirement came three months later when Brg Quainoo became the Army Commander.

Lt Col Addy said he did not bear any grudge against Brg Quainoo, now Gen Quainoo, but added that it was up to him to come so that they could "embrace".

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