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30.01.2013 Feature Article

Know how much excrete out of what you eat.... a corporate message

Know how much excrete out of what you eat.... a corporate message
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Many employees do complain that the corporate is doing lot of things, wasting time, resource and effort on many projects and only 1/10 the effort is of some use. The employees further argue that why the corporate instead of focusing on some specific activities with relatively higher success possibility, wasting resource, effort and time.

It is indeed a wise and right wish. But the reality is different. Even the creative secret and existence of the life cannot fall under the above 'wish' or follow the above doctrine/prescription strictly.

The energy we require to live and grow and do all biological activities is much lower than the fuel we supply (the food we eat). The quantities of food we eat versus the quantity of energy that are being released are never proportional to each other.

Further, about 45 – 55% of the foods we eat are excreted out. In the case of Elephants, about 50% the food are excreted out as waste material. This is true for most animals as well. Why so much is wasted/rejected/excreted by our system?

Can we afford to take the quantity of food that just releases the exact quantity of 'energy' required/needed by our system? The energy need is if perfectly met by providing energy 'as is', can we remain hale and healthy.

Although about 45% of the foods we eat are getting rejected/excreted as waste materials and it is happening only after the complete and total involvement of various organs in our body. Every organ must function properly for the job they are designed for. If the required quantum of energy were provided in a ready to use form, no one can live healthy as every organ gets energy without doing any job. They do not want to receive any reward or payment without doing the job.

To live healthy, therefore, knowingly we must provide 'fuel' that contain only 50 – 55% utility value.

This management insight every corporate and its employees must know. Every project or assignments cannot be accurately assessed before hand to predict its success rate. Nor do any corporate can ever engage in assignments that will certainly succeed. Success is not achieving what is possible to achieve but what is appears to be impossible or uncertain, where effort, commitment, passion are likely to determine the outcome.

Only when the corporate attempts to achieve many projects with above tenet in mind, it would achieve at least one.

Even the nature has created the 'life' only with the above philosophy. Nature wants every organ to participate in providing energy to every life form. It is not 'success prediction/possibility' nature wants but complete and full participation of different organs in sustaining life.

Similarly, the corporate must ensure that every function and every individual is made to participate in building the organization. How much effort of those has really contributed to the success of the corporate (or gone as waste) should not be the topic the corporate should evaluate or calculate, but are they been made to participate in the event should be the focus of the corporate.

Even the ratio of the food consumed vs. the waste materials excreted, one can learn the best management approach essential for the corporate and how to alleviate the doubts, anxiety and concern of the people who are working in the corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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